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9/24/2011 c1 11Ephemeral Glimpse
Sasuhina forever! :)
1/11/2011 c1 37EmbraceDiversity
Awww, this was so sad! I like how it's all kind of twisted and how she lied for Sasuke. This was really emotionally intense and yet sweet. I really liked it.

- Catriana
10/19/2010 c1 DAngel7
Soo sad. Write more happy SasuHina/
8/22/2010 c1 8harley944
awww so sad
8/8/2010 c1 30field innocence
*sniff* The most dramatic and beautiful fanfic that I've ever read. Bravo! Brilliant! Now that's what I call "A perfect tragic yet lovely ending!" I feel both bad and good for Hinata. Even though Sasuke die, I still thank Naruto for telling Hinata to live for him. Smart move ^^

Overall it was outstanding! Just like your DA pic^^ See, I told I would read you fanfic and I did XD
8/6/2010 c1 4ppeach2
Wahhhhhhhhhhh that was sad and they both died! It was very sad but really good too your grammar and punctuation was good it was a very well written one-shot. =]
7/31/2010 c1 MegamiKumori
Interesting idea that's nicely put into a oneshot, I wish that would happen in the manga, but I doubt Kishimoto would put Sasuke and Hinata together, but that doesn't stop me from wishing.
7/27/2010 c1 Sepsis
wow, that was great! :)
7/27/2010 c1 46677755
So sad. But I'm not really a crier. But it was enough to make me feel sad without tears. So sweet yet sad...

- Yumi.
7/26/2010 c1 10Lunetaylina
I loved it. It was beautifully written. It almost made me cry, which is a good thing. Honestly, it couldn't have been better.
7/26/2010 c1 10Don't Trust the Snake
Oh, ouch. You made me cry. That was really sad. It was well done, though. I quite approve.

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