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for Sexual Harassment Lecture

6/14/2015 c1 4MusicWithinMe
I wish it had happened in the real scene, amazing:)
8/29/2013 c1 Ncisfan
I know it says complete but please right a new chapter PLEASE!
4/8/2013 c1 miki0
well, that was different... I love this scene and your version is pretty hilarious, too.
12/29/2011 c1 22Mrs. 11th
Okay, this is great. I was laughing my head off!
4/2/2011 c1 110Dixie Dewdrop
This was just too cute!
8/11/2010 c1 fukitimout
So funny! However cruel it is, I love to see Tony get shot down by a woman. Is that immoral of me?

XD jkjkjkjk! Very hilarious though! Sorry if the review was confusing...

Overall, two thumbs up!
7/27/2010 c1 4ComicBookStory
this is highly unrealistic but still funny. "sexual tension" indeed, Ziva. :)

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