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for Pirates of the Galaxy: the Curse of the RLS Legacy

9/11/2010 c18 29Aggressively Hospitable
Amazing as usual- youtube video's are excellent.
9/6/2010 c17 LoveLifeAlways90
Love this chapter so far. Please update soon.
9/6/2010 c17 Aggressively Hospitable
very good chapter, i can see eric yelling 'stop blowing holes in my ship!" lol awesome.
9/5/2010 c17 8Welsh Gem
lol. I lov the part with the monkey! keep writing! plz!
8/30/2010 c16 29Aggressively Hospitable
Very good, can't wait to read the next chapter.
8/30/2010 c16 8Welsh Gem
ohhhhh! Keep writing! PLZ!
8/27/2010 c15 29Aggressively Hospitable
worth the wait by far, parlay!
8/27/2010 c15 8Welsh Gem
LOL! I love Jasper and Horus in this. They r so funny! Keep writing, plz!
8/22/2010 c14 Welsh Gem
god help ariel! keep it up coz im reading! :D
8/21/2010 c14 29Aggressively Hospitable
Yeah, I can so see Eric having back hair, jk, lol, Very good can't wait to read the next chapter.
8/21/2010 c13 8Welsh Gem
soz 4 not reviewing sooner. I've been away on holidays. keep writing!
8/15/2010 c13 29Aggressively Hospitable
I nearly fell off my chair laughing when Kida slapped Eric, again excellent choice in characters. can't wait to read the next chapter
8/14/2010 c12 LoveLifeAlways90
I keep on running out of things to say on my reviews. So I guess all I could put is Great chapter, loved it.
8/13/2010 c12 Aggressively Hospitable
wow this is awesome, can't wait to read more!
8/13/2010 c12 8Welsh Gem
kwl. keep it up. i dun have utube or deviant art, soz. keep writing, though and thanx 4 letting me know of da update ;)
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