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6/12/2018 c6 Rans
Overwhelmed with rage, I hurled a taco at his retreating form.

Honestly, this is excellent! Maribella is the exact right amount of over-the-top, and the elves' more reasonable perspectives break up the ridiculousness very effectively.
5/23/2017 c7 Tiny Icy Hands
This may be the most gorgeous piece of parody I have ever read. The relative serious-ness of the non-Maribella characters is what really makes it great, and your mastery of this fine language is far better than mine! Bravo to you, madam, and may your wells of inspiration never run dry.

(At least I assume you are a madam. Deepest apologies if you are, in fact, a sir.)
5/2/2017 c7 27Lydwina Marie
This is so good! I absolutely love it, and I hope you'll be able to update soon!
5/2/2017 c6 Lydwina Marie
I love her Volkswagen! My family says I'm melodramatic, but I should really redirect them to this story. XD
5/2/2017 c5 Lydwina Marie
Arwen dyed her hair RED. She could pass for Maglor's sister. :D
5/2/2017 c4 Lydwina Marie
This story gets better every time I read it! Wonderful chapter!
5/2/2017 c3 Lydwina Marie
Oh my gosh, the review she got! And her mother's emails! This is so funny!
5/2/2017 c2 Lydwina Marie
Another great chapter! This is so funny! I can't imagine Maglor wearing eye-liner, honestly. :D
5/2/2017 c1 Lydwina Marie
This is absolutely hilarious! I love it!
2/6/2017 c1 5Nargothrond
"I couldn't help that I had midnight-black hair that shimmered and sparkled like the light of twinkling-"

Lemme stop you right there, sweetheart. :P
2/16/2016 c7 6codename00guest
Fili and Kili are immortal now to deal with the MarySue crap?
2/16/2016 c6 codename00guest
Did Glorfindel and Maglor swing by to scare her? Sweeet...

yeah, I'm borderline psychopathic...
2/16/2016 c5 codename00guest
No. Oh no. *Imagines Aragorn saying 'dude' to Legolas* Hahahahahahaha...!
2/16/2016 c4 codename00guest
Just imagining that dream hahaha... even though it'd actually be kinda disturbing to see that...

She's actually smarter than most MarySues. She remembers her hair and eye colors, after all. XD
2/16/2016 c3 codename00guest
What, does she think he's a vampire? LOL he'll die of embarrassment should he find out...
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