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10/15 c32 2Stalking Fan
This is a good story, time to sample your other works
10/13 c1 Curse Of Kings
Will all the characters in this story cause me to become completely lost?
9/28 c17 Stalking Fan
finally Mana gets her comeuppance, shame it had to invole another death
8/11 c32 10Mathemagician93
Well, I wanted to leave my thoughts on this story after I finished reading the story and everything was fresh in my mind. Then I reached the start of chapter 31 around the time I needed to go to bed for work. And then I read all of 31 and 32 regardless. So I went through all of today on far too little sleep because I just couldn't stop reading.

I loved Lilith and Adam casually bantering during the fight, as well as how varied you made the clash between Eva Prime and Adam. I was surprised it even got to that point where EVERYONE got caught in Instrumentality, but our deific savior PenPen manages to pull everything together to get people to start coming back. And so we've got a fight that would make Annette's boyfriend proud. But it isn't just a Gurren Lagann fight. We get Adam trying to fight everyone at once in their own battles, leading to such fun things as "mother trying to clean up after baby Adam", "Saving the world via winning an FPS", and other fun things. We also get a nice curtain call for every single angel-my personal favorite was dropping the entirety of Sahaquiel out of Leliel to get a surprise colony drop.

Thanks for writing such a great story!
8/10 c27 Mathemagician93
Okay, wow. I was not expecting things to turn out this well considering where last chapter left off. Sure, Tokyo-3 is down almost all of its defenses, Mayumi lost a leg, and Unit 0 is probably out of commission for the foreseeable future, but NERV managed to win without resorting to desperate measures. By that I mean Gendo trusted Shinji instead of killing Toji with the Dummy Plug, Gendo DIDN'T have to use the Lance, Gendo DIDN'T decide to shove Mari into the cockpit of Unit 2 since theoretically it is still functional and Mari could pilot it...

And Shinji just no-sells the angel's attempt at breaking him. And goes berserk himself instead of just relying on the Eva to do it for him. And that proves to be enough to claim a victory. Of course that means we're down to the three most dangerous enemies left, but let's just take some time to celebrate while we can. These characters have earned it. Let Shinji and Rei have their hug of victory.
8/9 c26 Mathemagician93
Well, I know there's a profanity filter here that's probably not in the AO3 comments section, so I can't leave my initial impressions on chapters 20-26 here because it's one long expletive that starts with an F and rhymes with "pluck".

The world's cutest giant millipede? Dead.
The world's smartest penguin (and a Lilith-derived lifeform that is capable of a symbiotic relationship with Adam itself)? Dead.
Asuka? Just as mind-violated as canon. (I'm guessing what I really want to say would be flagged as inappropriate)
Toji? Had to shove his sister's soul into a giant robot and then had to sit helplessly as an Angel ate her.

Add in Shinji also being trapped in a void, Mana being out of commission after her fight with the mind flayer, and Bardiel now having a body comprised of some Frankenstein-type combination of three Evas when having just one is a major challenge and we're down to just a single damaged Evangelion and a single Jet Alone to fight it (well, and the might of the conventional Japanese military, but I'm pretty sure they've been power crept out of relevance for quite some time).

Yeah, things are looking GREAT right about now. Even the part of me that's rooting for Kaworu a bit (because his goal isn't really that bad, and he's definitely a sympathetic character) is unhappy that just like in canon he's on a wild goose chase again. Poor guy just cannot catch a break no matter how many times he tries.

That's not to say there weren't any bright spots in all of this (the indirect kisses were adorable, Gendo faking the assassination attempt [even though my initial thought was "this has to be Gendo's doing because SEELE wouldn't want this to happen yet" kinda took away the reveal even if it kept it just as awesome] but we are deep in the abyss now. I'd say it's the darkest hour but this is Evangelion and it always has the ability to get worse and leave me curled in a fetal position on my couch for a bit.

But I am stopping now for the night because I don't want to reduce myself to that point and I have to work early tomorrow so I shouldn't stay up all night to finish this off. Excellent work as always!
1/10 c4 AwesomeFTW
dude is the entirety of ch4 a tf2 reference?
thats amazing
10/6/2019 c32 W8W
Great story. Change of characters personalities make this story unique. My favorite part is that for all insanity characters make more reasonable choices than in canon. I especially like that Shinji was at least partially aware of his role to play from the beginning and that pilots knew truth about mothers. Some parts were tedious for me but I can't say that anything was unnecessary. Flashback of soldiers that found his first handiwork we see were confusing for me. Only after his identity was revealed I understand why this scene was added. Angels conversation were also hard to follow.

Gendo was my favorite character. His commercials were very entertaining and it is shame that we don't see more of them in later part of the story. Craziness was entertaining but it isn't reason why I like him so much. I really like how much he is good father even if he is restricted by situation and his bold and effective plans.

I really liked battles against angels at the end because each of main evengelions and its pilots had chance to shine. Battle against Zaruel and Tabris were really good but my favorite was whan 01 have freed itself from Leliel and obliterated Bardiel. It is my favorite because we see for the first time evangelion true power, overcome something that was obviously darkest hour and Gendo decided to put his trust into his son.
7/29/2019 c32 5Aust Sakura Kyzor
It's... It's beautiful
7/24/2019 c4 Aust Sakura Kyzor
I'm just nitpicking here, but...

The Teams' names are full of wrongs and I must correct because it is my duty as an annoying person.
Especially since you've likely already been told that Scout's name is Jeremy (with no last name given), Soldier's first name is Jane, Heavy's name is Mikhail, and Sniper's last name is Mundy like a thousand times already.

That said, I like the names you've given them, so it's fine. See you when I review at the end
7/5/2019 c32 5Glasses Writer
This...was definitely a drug trip. I should probably go and finish my homework now.

Damn...this was an amazing read. I should put this here just to tell people how amazing this is.
5/19/2019 c32 Guest
This is the greatest story I have ever read.
Thank you.
Good luck on future stories!
3/26/2019 c29 1EVA-Saiyajin
You did an excellent job of making Zeruel property awe inspiring and terrifying after all that had before him/her/it.

I found the irony of Rei taking the reverse of the Rebuild position in saving Shinji to be great, though it felt like Zeruel died a bit weakly at the end to a single Berserk EVA.
3/26/2019 c28 EVA-Saiyajin
I applaud you sir.
3/26/2019 c27 EVA-Saiyajin
Damn. Just damn.

Forget OTL Berserk Unit 01 against Zeruel, this is the real scene where Sin from Genesis should be olayong. You did very wel indeed at the build up, the intensity, and the climax.
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