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for Rosario Plus Gohan

9/14/2022 c14 strikerstriker315
Good chapter. Now I don't get why gohan didn't eat monster food as a kid gohan at 4 was trained by piccolo in order to survive he had to hunt and kill animals and even eat dinosaurs he befriended a trex that use to chase him and when gohan got hungry he would use his sword cut of part of the TREXES TAIL and EAT IT infront of the trex so no gohan should give zero fucks about eating monster food
5/29/2022 c27 Guest
So You Gave Up?
9/26/2021 c13 fanfictionsare1
DO NOT READ THIS FANFICTION the power scaling is fucking stupid like really gohan has super saiyan 2 and he has "no technique" to help in that situation you sir are a fucking retard or you just want this to drag on like some stupid ass fucking bs to up your word count its stupid and obvious if you fucking write DBZ into anything take into account fucking power levels and shit and realize Gohan is almost at the fucking top of the food chain at past planet buster if you can't get that right don't write anything with DBZ in the title you didn't even write rosario good and just skipped a bunch of shit oh and another thing Gohan wanted to hide his powers from normal humans to fit in it would be completely different if he was in a school filled with literal monsters so your logic makes no sense just like everything in this fanfiction to anyone reading reviews DO NOT READ THIS FANFICTION the author knows nothing about either shows its based on and just writes crap not even a good romance or anything its literally all crap so I repeat DO NOT READ THIS FANFICTION
6/22/2021 c27 3Time Emperor
I love this story. But there is a pressing matter. Gohan is not this fucking dense. Sure he's dense, but not this dense. Even when it came to videl he bucked up the courage to start a relationship with her (No matter how much of a mistake that was). He and Moka should have been together long before the fight with Broly.
4/12/2021 c2 objectivepersona
noooooo. no. no the artery, the vein. please never say the main artery in the neck was severed and then expect the victim to somehow survive...
12/1/2020 c27 Guest
please continue
5/16/2020 c27 Guest
Update please
5/17/2020 c27 1ammaarhotelwala
Please update please
4/6/2020 c1 ammaarhotelwala
Get updates
11/27/2019 c9 BorderLand
A world of advice for flaming boy, don't mess with the guy who can destroy the planet fifty times over and barely break a sweat.
10/11/2019 c27 17Futuretrunks735
Great crossover and you could add Fortune Teller Baba in the story sometime since she could possibly go in and out of the barrier around the school since she can travle through dimentions aka between the otherworld and the livingworld.
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