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3/29/2015 c1 Ifrah
It was funny and AWSOME!333333
KEEP ON!33333
10/20/2013 c1 Brittany
I think it will be good if you had more story about six and Rex.
12/22/2012 c1 cartoongodness10
How big is six? Im going to guess 13 inches and thick as a childs wrist right? And hard as a onix? I wanna a anwser plz :)
8/11/2012 c1 4elex88
wow... i never thought about this couple till now. and thanks to you I LOVE IT!
6/16/2012 c1 69lesslove69
I like this story. But you should be careful with your grammer and spelling. Oh and try not to rush the story too much because that's the feeling I got when I was reading this. Anywho I like the idea of this story and I enjoyed it, 'Cuz there's not enough Six/Rex fics out there.
5/21/2012 c1 ravenoftime
me loves it
4/29/2011 c1 7lightningcurse4you
oh gods, oh geez, oh sweet sweet yaoi. you have amazed me, person! lol sorry im having a total nerdgasm right now that was some pretty funny shit AND it was smexy...talent! gooood job more, write more! porfavor? :D
12/31/2010 c1 2Novan Cyberfox
*nosebleed* YEAAAAAHHHHHH! Fawsome~!
10/26/2010 c1 3102faith103
Very VERY good, I like it a lot, keep up the work.
10/17/2010 c1 TeenageMutantNinjaLlama
Okay, I'm just going to come straight out and say what I think.

There were many grammatical errors and misused words for starters. The errors distract readers and bring the focus onto them instead of the story. Maybe you should get a beta to read over your stories first; that will definitely help. Another thing is the short length of the fic. Add more meat to the bones of your plot and it'll keep things interesting and add more originality to the story. Details are just as important (if not more) than the main plot. The last thing is the fact that 'u' was actually used in place of 'you'. This might just be a reflex or habit, but it's completely unacceptable in a story. It gives the impression that the author doesn't care enough to take the time to type out a full word and isn't professional enough to do so. Fixing these few things will make a huge difference.

Other than this, all I have to say is keep writing. With a little more reading and research, some more effort put in to descriptions, and some writing experience, you have the potential to be a really great author.
9/15/2010 c1 42angel-feather-keeper

|_| - huge drooling thing. i loved this! :)



8/29/2010 c1 3Lord Melkor
What were you smoking when you wrote this? God, I hope you were smoking because if this is acutally how you think and write I have to say that you are doomed to fail in finding a good job, adequate shelter, and a nonabusive man.
7/31/2010 c1 14RandomDraggon
yay! my need for yaoi is satisfied.
7/29/2010 c1 4Soubei
Nya~ so cute! Though in my opinion Rex should of been a kitty cat...they're so... flexable... :)

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