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8/1/2013 c3 38TheSingingPterodactyl
This made me almost want to cry... It was almost exactly how I always thought Caroline felt! When she trashed the flat/stole Rex, I knew that was her rage over the break-up, not because it was her job. How she seemed to hate Abby, and how she obviously liked him, asking him out (practically) in the finale - I loved how you added her to like sci-fi too.
This was brilliant. Great job!
8/1/2013 c2 TheSingingPterodactyl
I loved this too, it was very Becker I think.
8/1/2013 c1 TheSingingPterodactyl
I loved the ending, it brought it to the most perfect wrap up. So short but one of the best Lester's fics I've read!
11/8/2010 c3 73BregoBeauty
Loved seeing inside Caroline's head for a bit! But it really never would've worked between her and Connor. :)
10/26/2010 c3 1Live4Sunshine
I'm really enjoying this story so far. Any chance will get a glimpse into Cutter & Connor's domains? :D
10/25/2010 c3 16Raeni12345
Wow! Great (and fair) insight into Caroline. I love how you portray her and how she actually has a bit of inner geek.

Love it!
10/25/2010 c1 Raeni12345
Love it! You are spot-on with Lester, for sure.

Great characterization.
8/11/2010 c1 73BregoBeauty
Love this little insight into Lester. It even sounds like him. Great job! :)
8/3/2010 c1 6NanaRie
Lester's my favorite character (besides Conby, because, well, you know) and I really think you nailed this! Nice snippet into his psyche, thanks for this!
8/2/2010 c1 Geminii524
Right on! I haven't finished my Primeval series 3 DVD yet, but that sounds perfect for Lester. I kind of like his character. (Hope that hold true thru the end of S3).
8/2/2010 c1 12Mirajane Scarlet
I haven't read much that's just about Lester, but this is pretty good. I haven't really thought of it this way before, that he views it not just as a power thing but that he likes it. That it's all his. :)

7/30/2010 c1 trex841
nice. i relly like the wording at the end. top predator fits him well
7/29/2010 c1 DeeDeeCat
Nailed this character, you did! This was good!
7/29/2010 c1 61Hidden Relevance
So. Question: If Christine Johnson was a velociraptor only better dressed, does that make Lester a pin-stripped G-rex?
7/29/2010 c1 1shhylady
This story is so on spot for Lester. I enjoyed it.
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