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8/4/2012 c17 4ukrainianelfhorse
I love this idea! I'm mentally writing (with a small bit on paper/ the computer) a couple stories where I experiment with Bella's humanness, but this is awesome! I never thought about having a dragon!
great story, and I can't wait until the next chapter!
8/4/2012 c16 4willowfaust
wow, haven't hear from you in a while.
10/6/2011 c4 3Vendari

PS: "Don't panic, it's just me. There are vampires around, Normands" he took his hand from my mouth and instead took my wrist, pulling me in the opposite direction.

do u mean Nomads instead of Normands?
8/10/2011 c15 1Its.Soo.Fluffy
Coool chapter :D

Love the banter hehehe XD

"then I'll be out of your... fur" Really made me laugh haha :D

Update soon! Really like this story! XD
7/19/2011 c14 Its.Soo.Fluffy
WOW. . . .Wasn't expecting that . . . lmao

Be even funnier if Kaitlin dies, and then Edward cant get married. . . im kidding! Kaitlins Coool ;D

Anyway, great chapter. . . update soooon XD
7/12/2011 c13 4willowfaust
I really enjoy the fact that you like having OCs in your story. But I have always had a love for dragons.
7/1/2011 c12 willowfaust
cute story. i can't wait until she meets a wolf.
6/7/2011 c12 1Its.Soo.Fluffy
Great chapter ! :D

Just dont give her too many powers. . . its no fun when the main character can do everything and can't die ;D haha

Update soooooooooon ! :D
5/6/2011 c11 Its.Soo.Fluffy
Good Chapter . . . It's gooooooooooood XD

anyway update soon ! ! ! !XD
5/6/2011 c9 Its.Soo.Fluffy
Firstly great chapter as usual!

Secondly, i'm a little disappointed . . .

I quote "You're unbelieveable"

. . . . well i would of thought that "You're Impossible" would have fitted in better, and Alice could have replied . . . "LY FAST" ;D hahaha

Very good chapter though, loads of humour hahaha :L

. . . . on to the next chapter ! XD
4/23/2011 c8 Its.Soo.Fluffy
haha great chapter again haha

Alice is . . . well Alice lol crazy !

Update soon ! ! ! XD
4/11/2011 c6 Its.Soo.Fluffy
Cute chapter :)

Alot of twilight quotes in there . . . (I'm surprised you remembered them considering we havern't read it in ages lol )

I think Kaitlin is a good character aswell, theres alot of similarities with her and Bella, but she isnt as indecisive and whiney, so shes not annoying like Bella lol

Update soon :) ! !
4/3/2011 c5 Its.Soo.Fluffy
Woooo! Great chapter again! XD

Update again . . . very sooon ! ! ! ! ! ! XD
4/2/2011 c4 Its.Soo.Fluffy
ohhhhh snap! . . . . Kaitlin will obviously kick their arses though . . . soo its all good ! haha

Great Chapter . . . as usual ! ! ! XD

Update verrryyyyy ssooooonnnn :D
8/1/2010 c2 Its.Soo.Fluffy
Realllyyyy good chapter XD

love the emmett quotes ! ! lol

"calm it scales!"

keep up the good work

x x
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