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for The New Life with Ann

9/6/2020 c12 8Miru-kun
Here from 2020, hoping you'll update this one day or not. Great work

Stay safe
7/6/2014 c11 8TheLoZKing
Uh, feel free to update anytime now.
9/8/2013 c12 Guest
6/28/2013 c12 15Urter
Started to read this today, and I must say. I'm very impressed with it. I know you have been putting this on hiatus for about 2 years, but if you want, I could help with this story.

Here's to you writing this more,

10/24/2012 c12 8TheLoZKing
It's been over a year! Over a year of me patiently waiting for an update! Over a year of anticipation! Over a year of wondering where Jack and Ann's relationship will go next! Update! Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?
6/15/2012 c12 StephanoAtlas
This was a really good story! I do think you could have made Roy's death a little less predictable, but still a nice, cute story. You should do the update as soon as conveniently possible. Keep up the good work.
6/26/2011 c10 Isma
I read this entire stoey in two days and fell in love with it. Great job. I just cant wait to see how cliff reacts to claire's "i love you" it sounds nice.
6/18/2011 c12 Openforsuggestions
An update! Thank you for continuing it was a great chapter :)(really sad but still a great chapter)

-Im anxious to see how jack handles the farm :P
6/12/2011 c12 Alice
Finally an update! I know it gets hard to continue certain stories, but im glad you're making an effort. This chapter was really sad with the passing of Roy...however its interesting to see how things will be with Jack in charge of the farm instead of claire.

-Keep up the great work, we all enjoy this story :)
6/10/2011 c1 3NekuSuzume
Lol tickle fight with Ann jack is sooo lucky
6/10/2011 c12 Nort13
This chap is...

So claire will never come back?

And honestly i almost forgot who's the oc roy.

Just keep updating, will ya?
6/9/2011 c12 4Daedalus370
Hello again, Miss; haven't seen you active in this story for a long, long while, but I'm glad it is around now. =) Must be busy with that other story of yours that you spoke of earlier, eh? Anywho, welcome back, and don't worry about the writer's block. I haven't touched a story of mine for six months, so I won't blame you one bit. Ba-se-bi, on with the review!

I was quite saddened to see that Roy died. I loved his character, even though he wasn't in the games (I think), but this really sets things in accordance with the game, id ist, a main character owning the farm. Poor Claire, though . . . I've been down that path, and it isn't easy living without a loved one that was dear to you. Hopefully she will be able to cope with it when she comes back to the town, and if not, I just hope she'll be okay.

If I were Gray, I'd be just as surprised and anxious to get out of the room for the night, eh heh. I don't expect much, though; she is depressed about Roy's passage, and she needed some consolation.

On the plus side, I do not think I found any errors in this chapter. Zilch; zero; not a one. That was both surprising and amazing to me, and proves that you really have outdone yourself on this chapter, even if you think it was sloppy. Claire's emotions were well-drawn, and though the others, excepting Cliff maybe, were a bit under-emotional, it is still much better than what you did in this story before, I think. Kudos for that, Miss.

There really isn't that much to say in this review other than the above, so I'll cut it shorter than usual, mm? It is nice to see you working on the story again, Rain, and don't worry about the INN/Inn/inn thing. In Friends of Mineral Town and its sister version, the sign outside says "INN", just like most of the other games, so it doesn't matter which you do. Anywho, pleasure reviewing this again, and I hope to see more from you sooner than four months, though it is no rush, hm? Take care of yourself, and happy reading and writing! =)
6/8/2011 c12 Guest
I am in love with this story and I have read every chapter I hope you will make more because I want to knowwhat happens with Ann and Jack and if clare will come back you ma'am are a great writer.
6/7/2011 c12 17Atomitrox
cute story. I'll keep reading it.
3/27/2011 c9 Nort13
Haha, really like this pair.

I don't know Ann will read someday (just ignore)

SUPER! poor Ann, doesn't work for 4 days.

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