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for The Curse of Roberta's Purse

5/25 c11 PrincessMagic
ha this was a wild ride! Wasnt electing this crossover but it turned out quite nicely!
5/25 c7 PrincessMagic
oooh! great love to see what Myka does!
5/25 c3 PrincessMagic
ha! Love that football!
3/25/2018 c11 Guest
That was super entertaining.
Well done!
8/7/2012 c1 2auroraTerra
Loved reading every minute of it. I do hope thsi will be an episode :D
4/10/2012 c1 14Mystic Angel 007
I think I have read this before but so far I really like it. Typical Claudia to have to touch the new artefact :-)
1/4/2012 c11 jodiedennis
I loved it! Especially the revised histories! I can imagine the whites thinking the blacks were aliens because of seeing Uhura beam in. People were so scared and small minded then. One critique however - Kirk and Spock would not recognize the name Shatner. Otherwise it was great. Loved Terri Garr at the end. Very smart woman who made a great career playing an airhead.
6/1/2011 c11 1Mister D8a
ok, not a bad story. Sort of lost me on how 'fictional' history could alter real history, but once I let that go, it was an enjoyable story.

2/14/2011 c11 14Mystic Angel 007
It took me a while to read but it was way worth it. Would make a very nice ep I think.
2/5/2011 c11 51Jimmy 144
Very good. Thought it was a nice way to combine Warehouse 13 and Star Trek. Thanks
2/1/2011 c11 5LADYMALLARD
Wow, Has Claudia messed this up again? Now Seven and the disquised Warehouse 13 worker both have to work with the Enterprise crew to set historical events right, but as they say, "All's well that ends well!" Great work having the older Roberta, (I love the part where the Warehouse 13 group mistake her for Terri Garr who played Roberta in the Star Trek episode)arrive at the Warehouse and retreave her purse with the time travel device in it, to finally end the problems caused by the seemingly endless repeating of the same point in history tied to the episode of the Star Trek series. A perfect ending to a terrific story, I look forward to your next endever, till next time!
1/31/2011 c11 28Foxcat93
Claudia and Seven both end up on the Enterprise. Seven tells her that they must divert the missile from the planet before the warhead detonates. Scotty beams up Kirk and Spock quickly from the planet and Chekhov destroys the warhead.

At the same time, 21st century Artie in his warehouse was going to neutralize Roberta's purse but is asked by her not to do it because it has time travel technology in it. Roberta was still in Claudia's body. I thought the Teri Garr remark was funny! Then the technology police batter at the door as all of Artie's technology disappears. Roberta vanishes with her purse, going back to the 60's where Isis can deactivate it.

Excellent ending to the story, all the threads are completed and we have a good situation for all involved. Good job and thanks for a great story!
11/20/2010 c10 5LADYMALLARD
Claudia was pretty up front with Gary Seven about who she was and what brought her to that point in time, getting Isis off the hot seat with her partner agent. She gave Mr. Seven the lowdown on what was to happen, to prevent another skizum in the time lines and prevent catastrophy in the future. I loved the mixup with the security guard and the Tribble card, that was too funny. Here's hoping all goes well with the distruction of the warhead, so it won't cause World War Three. As the chapter comes to a close there is a mystery woman at Warehouse 13 in addition to the real Roberta, is she Roberta 40 yrs older, or the actress who played her? I guess I'll have to wait for the next chapter to find out. Till next time.
11/18/2010 c10 28Foxcat93
Oh, this was a great chapter! I loved seeing Gary Seven, who always seems to know quite a bit more of what is going on than anyone else, rather stymied by Claudia's knowledge of the "future" and that she is not being surprised when Isis morphs before her eyes!

Claudia explains about being pulled into the past by the purse and speaks of Warehouse 13, which Seven is familiar with. Seven then has himself and Isis beamed into the past, on Claudia's advice, in order to stop the warhead detonation near Moscow.

I know you prepared me for this, but I was nearly rolling on the floor when I read what Seven gave the security guard, thinking it was an ID card. That was really a scream!

Meanwhile Roberta is in the future at Warehouse 13 and suddenly a person enters who makes tham all gasp. I can't wait to find out why she is there and read the next installment of the story! Great job!
11/9/2010 c9 51Jimmy 144
Very interesting. Like the way you have everything unfolding. Thanks
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