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4/4 c31 175gman5846
Really awesome story you've made.
Great job!
4/21/2018 c11 a
a nurse can assist with more than that.
8/11/2015 c3 With Love
Sweetheart , to be honest it sucks .
7/31/2014 c31 Guest
Duncan seems like and ass for leaving his other kids
7/23/2014 c2 Guest
You made Duncan seem like a huge asshole. He left his kids, I mean COME ON! In reality his is just enough of an asshole to be awesome.
12/27/2013 c31 Guest
This was a good seris mind making a lemon
11/6/2013 c16 Lauryn
Your a DxG fan! I hate that
7/12/2013 c19 brianna
7/12/2013 c16 brianna
Lovin it
10/7/2012 c15 dtksgirl
omg when i knew duncan was back i squeled so hard. as is he was at my house (which would have been awesome)
9/14/2012 c4 caroline
Ahahahaaaaaaaaaahahah funny!*sigh* chris chris chris when will u learn..?
2/8/2011 c29 Rain7427
Oh that's so sad :( I'm sorry. I have this horrible phobia of hospitals and doctors and disease. I love your stories they're so good! This one I loved so much I read it in maybe five minutes? Hahaha get better soon:)
2/7/2011 c29 3The Dragon 1000
I hope your wrist gets better.

ps. i'll send in a guy to total drama arts
2/7/2011 c29 coffeefroth
OMG!O.O im scared of doctors too! and i hate going in hospitals.the other day my younger brothers thumb got fractured after being attacked by a volleyball and we had to go to the hospital and it was so depressing there, and my older brother couldnt figure out how to open the trashcan and we allmost died laughing and people were looking at us like we were freaks but i was ok with it. well anyways hope ur wrist gets better so u can get ur "robot arm" off and update!
2/7/2011 c29 1TheXiaDarkness
Hope u get better ^^
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