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for The Blind Detective

11/2/2019 c1 9Yue in the Stars
I do like this fic, it’s very well written, but...

I just feel like there’s a severe lack of concern towards Hakuba, especially concerning Kaito/KID.

Like, maybe it’s because we’re only seeing it from Hakuba’s POV, but it just feels like... there’s little to no remorse or regret that this happened during a heist, that a DETECTIVE has to go blind for 2 weeks, and that this could have been far worse and should not have happened. It’s all treated very... nonchalantly? Idk, it just... feels kinda callous, if that makes sense?

I also feel like there’s less confliction on Hakuba’s side than is (I think?) realistic. Like, that’s one major sense removed, completely and utterly. There goes school work, his job, his hobbies, even just looking around for a pretty view. Gone. For 2 weeks. That’s not something one can adjust to easily at all, and even while the fic shows his stumbling around and inability to get his bearings, it doesn’t show much mental conflict in terms of his situation beyond “I can’t believe this, this sucks so much” and “Vengeance will be mine one day if it’s the last thing I do.”

All in all, great fic, but could be even better with more depth.
6/29/2018 c1 4Mithya Aviana Cailin
I love it. Thanks for writing n sharing this. Can u pls do more fic with blind!hakuba and kaito?
12/26/2017 c1 1Token peach
I’m quite unnerved on how they treat a blind person even if it was Saguru. Even if the blindness is temporary cause I mean it’s so easy for him to get permanent inguries and get taken advantage of and everybody seems to just bully him.
1/14/2015 c1 2Willysfeather
Very enjoyable to read I admit, very well written
8/31/2013 c1 4CeruleanHolmes
I couldn't even imagine being blind. I mean don't get me wrong, it's not like I rely on my eyes alone, I use all my senses. But, books... And stories... And pictures... And... I just don't think I could do without them.
9/24/2012 c1 Guest
awesome! i love Hakuba! he's an awesome character, it's a shame he doesn't show up tat often in the series!
10/19/2011 c1 6Amazing Bluie
I loved this! Very well done!
6/29/2011 c1 klynn
It's so unique, I love this story! I cannot wait for the next chapter! Keep up with the good work!
4/27/2011 c1 kaito fan
it is a very creative story
2/10/2011 c1 3Hakuai-animelover135
This is it? It's the end?
8/1/2010 c1 17AppleCider1412
cotninue..tho it would be better if he was permanently blind, i do like it somewhat
8/1/2010 c1 2Charm Caster-chan
Very good. Can't wait for the other part.

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