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9/2/2019 c9 Debbie Hicks
Thean ALIEN RATTLESNAKES MANGLES Changd but bitten to him then wholliest the a death toil reavcd the four found me drinking good yiou die myself fred then captured tore asasasultd by abusing the blood and then toore my dreams aay assulted sexually the ten one bite onto the neck bood on my own mouth then had Falkor'ds red eyes was Soulles then too late get hr/him/army screamig thn the brain surgeries then m atings ten then the dried out the toe Mauled left me to die blooodist bleeding then tgoo late broken then the elder then killed hr first kill onto god yiu are punished Get hr/them with him the chained sdhe has surrenddered take care of that Felix I want to go home my death came then Head wih his slalauightered with three Punished By them then With immortal childten then were ATOMIZED By vaporizing dying from te brutalized attack killd by them then the AVemom wsasd spreading the thennuked nopthingnrdss Took humanity from me forced to be a membrrt thennuked frely brought there good draned as all mostly as all of it Puirplish ashes but they wre as all of them Both laid there too lsate Lifeless good moe gusrds bittn remains to last of blood then myselgf had Eight died again bittenby the kidsd followed with myself/they tore brought their then Painguilly was iuunable Alice who did to you tell us myself ws a newbor with colorlss skin with Red eyes officiialy already dead so they Alice they had her/them with is/they murdered from hre then NNothingness from here blew freely then too late Brought there see death to them Vrdict Death to as all of them ten fiften we report a crime what Shiftpires bitten yiou die with you Irina then PPuplish Ashese of Members broken this law then ATOMIXZED! Both burning more as all of them buiitten then too late Met matres good as all of them killed them then too late bones broken as all of it myself Swore revenge was a very already dead bride on her wedding night vowed Vengeance onto them was never human anymore was still vry more expremely pale was so cold-skinnd but iciest as them Alice I Ran more tests her eyes are bright yellow/black had only eight never has more children gasp my head is killing me then forged a delf-defensive mental and physical shield then advancing my poewrrs wait she is gifted Alice what is it it her vision was mostly stronger they are Coming who Voplturi as all of them Sliced freely nuked by both then then never returned with tey we report they broken this rule the home they wre in blw up destroyed with the oters with they Asshes bring them they perished from here with six others in death but at rest good they are Severd from senses they can't be born again! then then too late brought there good guard they never Be humans at all ae Punished without them they are Gone finally more guards then too late the cause opf death was murder and arson then it came with the cars/trucks fusd with it Alice who did to you Volturi she is struggling then with they then too late How I Mourn our deaths and murders then nuked freely aboard with as all of them drownd good tey are gone lost into here thenm brought as all of them we report they ben destroyd tore from here in the other side good dead crosed over wre as all of them wit thee are Gone then plan teir funerals then too late ashes deliverd good done they passed on no kids bring them there ten too late Alice they did What I Though to be wary I Should venture into someplace scary I Turn Loose! GHOSTING HAUNTS! BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE! IT'S SHOWTIME! then Nuked were as all of them bring the very as all of them perished from us/they saved after Rapture blown up wit both wre more four or more frozen with the dead Time Split then too late brought there it was too late Brought to as all of dead from around the world joined us/they Nuked from with three but vanished from here good guard these ones dead the them Cremated then too late Murdered from here then as all of them took over then it nuked with five to both then blew up good with as all both as all more followed joined forces blown up from around the world destroyed bring them as all of them lost from here then deactivating the cloak then nuked were as all of them frozen solid then Vanished from here good never return to us/all from here then killed from here.
10/18/2018 c9 rachel625
I wish you would have written more but this was great!
3/8/2018 c9 Guest
No honeymoon?
11/14/2017 c9 7Z-Zayyyyy
Love this. Please update this amazing story!
9/28/2017 c9 6Jacob Lupo
Love it. The proposal and wedding scene was beautiful. Love the not from Edward. That seems like exactly what he would do.
2/15/2015 c1 Guest
Please update!
3/6/2014 c8 corkykellems
Love It...Looking forward to the wedding...Thanks
4/9/2012 c7 4Twilightfan108
please update soon! Wanna see Mason again!
3/27/2012 c7 8goldengirl2707
So I'm about to do 2 things I hate when people do to me, so I'm gonna start by apologizing and flattering you a lot by saying I think you're fantastic and I've loved this story so far and it's the 1st part of this series. I loved that it was mostly light and fluffy with some adorableness thrown in. I wish Bella would have REALLY had a dream like this!

So thing 1) I haven't reviewed before this. My apologies! Bad, bad me! I really have loved this though, and started rec'ing it before I had finished!

2) I'd love if you finished it! So you say you're bored - what's needed prior to the "action"? I'm always happy to be a brainstorming, if you ever need an ear! It is a fantastic story and you're a great writer, so I'd be sad to see it end!

Thanks for writing!
11/29/2011 c7 ReaAnn
Love this story! And the prequel, especially the prequel :) Please, please, please update soon! I can't wait!
5/29/2011 c7 6my 2 guys
that was good keep it up
5/9/2011 c1 1acetwi3
omg! i hope Jake understands.
4/28/2011 c7 cottoncandybl52
i love your story so far an hope you can upddate soon. im a jacob and bella fan so its really good.
3/31/2011 c7 HibarixZhen
update soon~
3/26/2011 c7 3Ottawa Pagan
loved it so far :)
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