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9/3/2010 c1 41Tuppence
Clowns? Oompa loompas? Baywatch? (I definitely think it's most likely to be baywath...?)

~ Trina ~
8/7/2010 c1 14Katydid43
Something about clowns? My husband says, "Attack of the Killer Clowns." But I've never heard of it. Is that it?

Well despite the fact that I don't know which movie you're talking about, your drabble was a good one! Thanks for sharing :-)
8/1/2010 c1 822akaStoryteller
Great drabble. I'm thinking the movie might have something to do with clowns. Maybe Sammygirl1963 has it right. lol
8/1/2010 c1 119Swellison
LOL! For some reason, I thought the movie was the upcoming *Smurfs*...shudder. Or maybe that oldie, Gremlins? I peeked at the other reviews and I really like the idea that it's taking a jab at Twilight, tho!

8/1/2010 c1 83sammygirl1963
Fantastic drabble. Gotta love the power Sam has over Dean with those eyes of his.

The movie...Hmmm, would it be Killer Clowns from Outer Space by any chance?
8/1/2010 c1 8VoicesInTheWind
... TWILIGHT! I'm right, aren't I? ;D Hehe, it'd be funny if the sparkly vampires freaked Sam out; but, then again, I don't really see any reason Dean would want to watch it.

I give up. Please tell me - I must know!

Good drabble, at any rate :D
8/1/2010 c1 25ForeingSoul
I tried to guess the movie but can't ...

Loved the fic! ^^

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