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for The Mad Woman

4/20/2011 c1 jackiemack916
Hey, good job here. I like how you turn her madness in the original into justifiable acts. She was trying to protect Jane. Very clever.

Have you ever read the book or watched the movie "The Wide Sargasso Sea?" It's a sort of unathorized prequel to Jane Eyre. It's very compelling. My university Victorian Lit teacher showed us the movie in class after we read Jane Eyre to get some heated discussion going.
3/26/2011 c1 Interesting
I've always thought Bertha tearing Jane's veil was more an act to hurt Rochester than to protect Jane- since hurting Edward, Grace and even her own brother were ALL that Bertha had left to do in this world while she was shut up away from everyone! I'd have thought had she wanted to protect Jane, she'd have tried to give her some kind of warning. Still, perhaps tearing the veil WAS a kind of warning. Well, good job of giving a perspective on Bertha and one can't imagine any 'normal' person would have improved their mental health being shut up in a single room with a 'keeper' for years on end!
12/31/2010 c1 1webgrll1
to me it's a bigger surprise reading that she still loves Edward as she hates him more than the fact that she could think to protect jane. they show her hatred for him a lot in the book so it's no surprise to see that she might soley be set on stopping him and thus saving Jane and herself from him. but the fact that she still might love him as he keeps her "prisoner" in the room would never have occured to me if I hadn't read this.

thanks, this really gives me a new prospective on things.
10/3/2010 c1 13RaawrImaDinosaur
Wow, that is a very interesting way to think of how Bertha's mind is run. I only recently finished reading Jane Eyre and i think that it might have been good to know more about Bertha than what we did.

Perhaps Bertha really did mean to protect Jane, but sadly we'll never know...

great job! :)
9/15/2010 c1 Starfire201
You certainly succeeded in your portrayal of Bertha. I was very impressed.
8/23/2010 c1 LucyLuu
Interesting premise that Bertha was trying to protect Jane from Edward. Very well done! Thanks for sharing!
8/6/2010 c1 20star jelly
That was a really great story! I love Jane Eyre, and it's really nice to hear Bertha's side of things seeing as throughout the story your just led to believe what Rochester tells you.

Great job!
8/2/2010 c1 9Bonbonnett
Your version was very interesting-Bertha might have been like that. What I always saw in her was anger-angry at being closed in, shut away-a sort of frustration that she couldn't have her freedom.

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