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8/23/2012 c1 Vesper fan
Please make another one where in you do not kill Vesper; she is still alive though the betrayal has hurt James but he slowly accepts her back. Please do not let James or Vesper die in the next fanfiction that you will create - it will certainly disappoint so many fans and readers. I hope you will continue to have the great skill, patience and determination in writing post Casino Royale fanfics. I am looking forward to good fanfics like this one you just wrote. It has a smooth flow, good structure and good words and you stuck to how the characters would normally act or behave, not changing them or exaggerating them. I like that. Please make some more Vesper/Bond fanfiction I am itching to read them! I've read them all and now my life is boring without a new ice-breaker, I guess I still cannot accept the fact that Vesper had to die so that is why YOU SHOULD MAKE OTHER FANFICTION WHERE IN YOU DO NOT LET THE 2 LOVEBIRDS DIE. Okay?
3/4/2011 c1 BondAmbitions.com
As I was reading your Bond short story I can see in my mind's eye the clinic and Mr. White's house in Germany. I also can hear the smooth romantic Bond soundtrack playing in the background as Bond talks to Vesper and contemplates escaping his scenario. Well written.
10/9/2010 c1 48Matteic
Gqgsfdgfsl. Sfqfsk. Wow.

I'm loving it. Really. Full BAMF character but with the fragility D. Craig brought to the role.

Everything was great, scenes, dialogs, so I won't repeat it (except for my favorite, when White told him he was just a rebellious teenager - made me laugh).

Will be so happy to read more (and adding to Faves).
8/2/2010 c1 30A Hopeful Voice
You could totally turn this into a full-length story. It had a good ending, but I really wish you could write more! I understand that you wrote it after QoS came out, but still...haha, well I just love Vesper and I'm glad you didn't kill her. Anyway, I really enjoyed reading this! :)

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