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7/10/2012 c1 Lia
Quil! She has to be with quil!
These two are one of my favorite twilight couples! But yeah, she needs to be with quil.
3/31/2012 c19 Guest
Update plss soooo good and she should deff be with quill!
3/12/2012 c19 21Glamouredravenclaw
I loved this chapter, and I think she shoulg get with QUILL! I don't like David, QUILL, QUILL, QUILL! Update.

3/11/2012 c19 10LoveMeLikeHer
Quil! Quil! Quil! David is cute and all but no! He isn't for Claire, loved it - update soon please :)
12/26/2011 c18 21Glamouredravenclaw
Aww, That was cute, But i think QUILL should have claire, though David is really nice but... QUILL DESERVES CLAIRE! Update!

12/24/2011 c18 10LoveMeLikeHer
"Claire? Oh my gosh, Claire! Oh my gosh you're okay…" David's worried voice rang through my ears. - oh my gosh David get out of her face, your not Quil!

Good chapter, but er no snuggling with David! Quil is her imprint, not David! Who's David? Exactly! (okay so maybe I don't like a David in real life, I still don't like story David!)
11/24/2011 c17 Andreagirl1234
Ok my idea: she takes quil and of course I know she is in the hospital, and I think bcuz of what happened, somehow can u make Claire and quil be together
11/22/2011 c17 21Glamouredravenclaw
AHHH! I loved it! And i think that it should be Quill to get claire, Though She did a very brave thing for david :D Update!

11/20/2011 c17 10LoveMeLikeHer
Aww yeah I saw the quil and Clair bit, but I wanted a little more on them tbh...

Where's Quil? I mean I know davids there but still it's no Quil! (okay so maybe David was the name of my crush so I'm a little bias at hating him lol)

Quil is meant to be claires protecter NOT David!
9/26/2011 c16 21Glamouredravenclaw
ohmygod. update. Like, now. ohmygod. ohmygod. Yay Quil!

9/26/2011 c16 10LoveMeLikeHer
It was so good! I loved the kiss, it was so good and hot! I'm glad she's realised her feelings for him :)

Damn where's David!
9/18/2011 c15 Wolfgirl
Omg! Quil duh! She belongs with him ! And besides quil imprinted on her FIRST! And quil was THERE for her when she hurt her arm, and and I know I know what about David but quil is better for her, ALL the time!
9/18/2011 c15 21Glamouredravenclaw
UPDATE! Super excited for what happens next! :D

9/18/2011 c15 10LoveMeLikeHer
Quil! She should end up with quil! Good chapter, just short lol
9/16/2011 c14 Wolfgirl23
Love it, Claire should tell Sam and Emily about julysia and vivian in the next chapter, I hope u do:)
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