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8/8/2022 c3 349710319
Charlie Waffles, Is there by any SLIGHT possibility you could maybe continue with more Chapters on this fanfiction? I've always wondered if Light would have became a GOOD Guy had he decided to NOT take the Death Note.
3/21/2022 c2 6Mr. Page
Hmm . . . L being Kira. That is a VERY odd, yet interesting concept.

Though I do wonder . . . who will go after L if L becomes Kira. I mean, it's not like he plans to hunt down himself, right? ;-)
6/25/2021 c2 Wtf
5/6/2019 c8 thecatleader
This is so interesting but too quick there's not enough to savor but I'm still looking forward to seeing what happens
11/21/2017 c8 16pokemaster101
Yo L finding the death note first is a novelty. I've only seen it one other time. But he wasn't the first.

Lovely story.

Keep it up! 8DDDDD
3/6/2017 c6 45Laylinka
What! OH NO HE DIDN”T! -dispose of all those innocent people in a brash “light sort of way” I guess he has to throw people off the scent some how. I didn’t think L was a psycho but this is fun and I still love him. XD I get it though, he has to go about it like a person other then himself or it would likely implicate him because he’s so unique. I imagine L going about it with different tactics. But its ok, I like your story. Mine would probably be boring XD

Oh no, oh god no, he can’t kill watari. XD how does watari even know? wouldn’t L want to protect him? well, after all this...maybe he can keep him confined so he can't tell anyone. XD
3/6/2017 c5 Laylinka
L's such the trickster. XD the world is screwed if L is kira? XD he seems to be so level headed and logical, unless he'd come to the conclusion that all humans have done through their evolution is to come up with new more efficient ways of killing each other and that humanity would be better off it didn't exist.

I like A's conflict about getting involved. i wouldn't get involved and expose L to the world. tho i know it would be more interesting if A did get involved.
3/6/2017 c4 Laylinka
i like the idea of L having a death note. he's so brilliant and almost doesn't need one with how he's very efficient 'justice' on his own. there are plenty that slip through the cracks tho. in organized crime, all he has to do is infiltrate, get pictures, names, he doesn't have to worry about convictions or other legalities lol he's also beautiful to watch on screen and to imagine. I even like ryuk even tho he's kind of a dick in a "i'll kill you if you bore me." way. i like L's interaction with him and how you detail him going about things differently then Light. i don't have any qualms with L killing the murders, rapists and pedophiles. i like that hes smarter and much more calm then light, perhaps too smart to get involved with the note book, but i enjoy L having a bit of black magic up his sleeve XD
12/12/2016 c8 1fanfic4thewin
amazing story,wish we could see more L and ryuk interactions though,still love it,btw im kinda waiting for the moment Mello dramatically eats his chocolate,please update soon
4/30/2013 c8 32charlietheepic7
damn... i'm into this story. its freaking awsome
2/19/2013 c9 36Animechick2000
I will gladly adopt this story.
1/26/2013 c8 Guest
K is Kimiko it was in L change the world death note live action movie LOL!
8/5/2012 c1 NL Kira
Very good, but L does know the names of the Wammy Kids, he works with Watari (who in turn keeps files on all of them), so yes, L knows the true names of Near, Matt, and Mello; The only ones he did not know where BB and A, as they were almost 15 at the time, thus they did not reveal their names to Watari as they had no files; and if you remember, Near said that he told everyone who knows Mello's Name and Face to keep their mouths shut.
7/10/2012 c5 4XxVongola-DetectivexX
I'm loving your work, it's simply amazing! I love the idea of A being alive (the premise of the story i've started posting) and was even thinking of having his sitting position being cross-legged XD
keep up the good work on this amazing story :D
7/9/2012 c8 3Enei Emmu
I really think L should win. he'd be a better Kira than Light. even if he developed a god complex like Light, he'll know the importance of being a merciful "god." so, he'd only punish heinous crimes, and let petty criminals have a chance to repent. would it be dark if I said that's what I would do? oh well, it's out there now. I'm a Kira supporter, but not a "Kira as God" supporter, and only a partway Light supporter. he got evil when he killed L, and stupid for not recruiting the cold, calculating superdetective who is hell bent on justice and eradicating crime.

back to my review now. this story is well written and intriguing. even though you've changed the base characters, it's true to the themes of the manga/anime. if i could offer any advice, i'd say, make the chapters longer. you'll keep people waiting more intently if you regularly put out 2000-4000 word chapters, even if they're farther apart.
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