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for The Last Romanov

7/23/2012 c6 Guest
I love this story its starting from now its one of my favorite stories please continue it
best of luck :D
4/8/2012 c6 3Gabros
please continue, i cant wait
1/20/2012 c6 1Wynterkiss
The quality of your writing is excellent. One thing that nags at me, though, is that you describe Dimitri as a blond with green eyes. Assuming you mean him to be the same Dimitri as in the movie, he appeares to me to have brown (or possibly auburn, depending on who you ask) hair and brown eyes. Or does he happen to be an OC of the same name?
8/17/2011 c6 TaraAzuca101
Great story :)
2/27/2011 c6 KoolCandygirl959
I love this story! Especially the flashbacks and descriptions. UPDATE SOON! =^_^=
1/29/2011 c5 2kamenzie
i hope you keep updating!
12/18/2010 c5 20DammitimmaD
AWWWW :) :) :) :) :) ! SOOOO CUTE!
12/4/2010 c4 DammitimmaD
Swoons over the sound of Dmitri's hotness...

I LOVE IT and cant wait for an update! :)
10/31/2010 c4 2redribbon627
This is really good! You need to update soon :DDD I love the anastasia story! Keep it up!
9/13/2010 c3 4xXEclipseHeart95
Amazing! ;)
8/4/2010 c2 14FallingStar95
Ooooh, I like it this far! Please update soon! :)

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