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for All Roads Lead Straight Back To You

31m c76 Marymary123
That dream stuff always is upsetting for readers too. Sigh
1h c76 Longing to Write
I need to press next chapter!

Bella’s dream was upsetting, but it may help her to ask the right questions and express her fears and reservations as she and Edward work on figuring out how to navigate their future.

I’m almost afraid of what else Jacob could be capable of. They handled the conversation with Tony well, let’s just hope something Tony could say to Jake doesn’t set him off even more.

I watch for your updates, they always make my day.
2h c76 jlap.mypersonalfiles
Oh, cliffie! You’re mean! lol.
2h c76 Guest
Thank you for the update. Looking forward to future updates.
5h c76 ohtobeyoung
I hope the nightmare doesn’t color her feelings about their next conversation. Love Tony and his spy mission. What a sweetie.
7h c76 MK543
Lordy, this is wordy beyond belief. I admit to skipping over endless paragraphs of her mind musings. Also, if Tony is only 4... how is it he can read Bella's complicated sentences on her white board? I truly like the premise to the story but... reality check needs to happen.
8h c76 Guest
9h c76 rochinha058
What a nightmare! Hope Bella sees that real life Edward is not like dream Edward
9h c76 1YOL001Twilight
The dream genuinely scared me. Thank goodness it was just a dream. And it’s great they’ve finally gotten the Jake issue covered with Tony. Love this story. Please update soon!
14h c76 3abbyweyr
Thought we had a big time jump, then figured it was a dream. Reasonable analysis by Bella of the dream. They need more time together to reestablish the mutual trust. The monitor came in handy first night. Handled the morning ok. Good talk with Tony about Jacob...yelling at waitress for free meal? he's nuts. This Jacob is one of the worse ones read.
14h c75 abbyweyr
Indeed it is good that Edward has another adult to talk with that knows him and Bella. We all can get lost in our own thoughts and not see the forest through the trees and having a person to talk with helps lots. Cute trip to basement and camping out in Tony's room. Good that Sue had the monitor to set up.
15h c76 Guest
"I was wondering where you were at." PLEASE don't end a sentence with AT. It's grammatically incorrect and unnecessary. "I was wondering where you were" is correct.

"...that I wasn't privy too" It's TO. TOO means only "very" or "also."
8/3 c75 lilmstran
loved it
8/1 c75 20twilightnaley19
Great chapter. I agree with Alice. Cant wait to read more. Please update soon
7/30 c23 Guest
this is so stupid.. everyone is so 2 dimensional and dumb
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