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for All Roads Lead Straight Back To You

6/17 c110 Fleur50
Belle leçon de vie! Je crois que je devrais appliquer certains des conseils que Bella a reçus.
6/17 c109 Fleur50
6/15 c110 23LADARTHA
I have enjoyed your story and am looking forward to the next update.
6/4 c110 lilmstran
loved it
5/28 c110 20twilightnaley19
Great chapter. Hopefully Bella and Sasha can establish a friendship. Cant wait to read more. Please update soon
5/28 c110 Daire123
Such a great chapter! So many life lessons others take for granted. I can’t wait to see what happens next with the Cullen family! Please update again soon!
5/28 c110 1Will the Werewolf
nice update
5/27 c110 Rita01tx
They are both doin' good with their new learnin' curve of how to include new people into their circle of family and friends! Oh, yeah, and beginners baseball might be a hoot to watch but not for too long at a time LOL!
5/27 c110 15Cullen Cousin
good chapter
5/27 c110 Longing to Write
What a treat to start my day.

It’s great to see both Bella and Edward finding their way for themselves and as a family. I think they both had some maturing and growing to do.
5/27 c110 avagurl
Good plans.
Gotta love drunk Edward.
Thank you.
5/27 c110 neelix lee
Thank you
5/27 c110 rochinha058
Yay I’m glad Bella is making friends
5/20 c109 Patriciadiane
Love the love
5/20 c108 Patriciadiane
these two are working to communicate and build a life for their family. It isn't perfect but they are trying
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