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for All Roads Lead Straight Back To You

5/13 c98 jlap.mypersonalfiles
Great ar Chapters
5/13 c98 Rita01tx
Danged if I hadn't forgotten they needed that conversation, too *facepalm!* Edward's so lucky to have Jazz on speed dial LOL!
5/13 c98 ohtobeyoung
Love Emmett and his eat off. Jasper was amazing in this chapter. I hope Edward really listens to his great advice.
5/13 c98 3abbyweyr
good chapter. Glad figured out Angela's problem and hopefully she heals and Bella can come home. Maybe a good thing she was delayed giving Edward a chance to figure out with Jasper the crossroads and which way to go. Maybe a compromise could be adopt an older child past the diapers and toddler, closer to Tony's age.
5/13 c97 ohtobeyoung
Nice story. I really think women are wimps these days. Why so many need epidurals is beyond me. Love the Edward Bella bonding.
5/13 c98 Reading Pixie
I love Tony and yes Edward needs to think and take a rode or live bella have the family she wants but i hope he remebers all thhe time he lost with Tony and make vettter choices
5/13 c98 padalf1025
I really liked this chapter. It made Edward wake up a bit. Love Jasper for helping him to see. Lots to think about Edward!
5/12 c98 20twilightnaley19
Glad that Edward was able to distract Tony. Cant wait to read more. Please update soon
5/12 c97 twilightnaley19
Aww. Great chapter. Glad Bella got their in time to be with Angela
5/12 c98 Guest
Thank you for the update. Looking forward to your next update.
5/12 c98 dreamiedreamer
The exercise that Jasper suggested to Edward did make Edward faced the base of the problem. To move forward Edward and Bella needed to be honest with each other.
5/12 c98 Fleur50
Au plaisir de lire le prochain ├ępisode.
5/12 c98 CentauRita
Okay Edward, it's time to grow up and put your big boy pants on.

Jasper is simply...wonderful.

Thank you for your update.
CentauRita, NorCal Gal
5/11 c98 1William Francies Reisen-Newman
nice update
5/11 c98 K Howell
Well done, well thought out. You worked out the heart of the matter very well. Keep the chapters coming!
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