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for The Titan Fallen

9/14 c2 The Reading Dragon 666
Will he ever meet the other titans?
12/2/2018 c3 BartGirl
Have you read CDSoundtrack's or JP-Ryder's fanfics?
11/25/2018 c3 1NHarem Foreva
teen titans go vs teen titans thing? you talking about the ongoing debate over which is better which makes no sense cause the goals of each show are different, or is this an episode of TTG or something? i feel like i'm missing a piece of this puzzle.
8/1/2016 c2 10Junior VB
Quiero leer más.
I want to read more.
1/2/2015 c2 strabimonx
1/14/2014 c2 2willam and jack and jake
very well done
1/14/2014 c1 willam and jack and jake
11/4/2012 c2 Piterio
This is interesting story, although a little confusing. I hope all thing will be explained latter. As far as i concerned i like it.
10/21/2012 c2 20nanayoung
Fallen is a powerful mixture of shapeshifter, hollow, shinigami, demon, and a bunch of other stuff I probably didn't include. Arella is pretty much like Fallen only a sorceress instead of a shapeshifter.

Seriously fúcking powerful.

A bunch of powers and abilities that would take too much room to explain and list.

They'll probably take the good side. Even though they're both a bit darker, they're still good people. I think.

The voice is the Beast.

I don't know. They're both seriously creepy and powerful?
10/21/2012 c1 nanayoung
Fallen is Beast Boy and the combination of a bunch of things I don't know, care, or can't name.

He died. Duh.

The hollow in his memories is the one who possibly made him the way he is now.

Arella trusts him because she saw him helping Raven defeat Trigon.

Beast Boy and Arella were killed by Trigon. They were both pluses until after the mystery hollow/Trigon came after them.

They'll end up in Jump City in the near future. Right now, they're going to the Soul Society.

Whatever Fallen wants at the time.
6/26/2012 c2 4bloodyemperor
I will say this only once...THIS IS AWESOME!

I have a question, will this be a harem?

I mean arella already said she would give her body just so he would let her join him. and he has met sun-sun mila-rose and harribel(apacci was unconcious).so I just keep on seeing a harem. but I need to know from you.


6/17/2012 c2 Power345
This story rocks B... I mean Fallen is awesome update soon.
11/21/2011 c2 Everyone's favorite stud
i am completely and totally lost. so lost...update soon!
6/28/2011 c2 Guest
looooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeee it!
1/15/2011 c2 slyfox24
this is a good story
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