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4/2/2013 c4 2DarkEnchantress-97
It kinda boring and unrealistic sorry:(
11/7/2011 c19 AliceFan01
Just got around to reading this chapter. Amazing job and please please please please do another chapter :-D
10/29/2011 c19 jemma
10/27/2011 c19 Grace
Do anotherr chapterr!
10/24/2011 c19 JANET
ReAlLy GoOd Do OnE mOrE ChApTeR :):)XX
10/24/2011 c19 Katherine
Wow that was a really good chapter but you should do one more to sum it up :)
10/23/2011 c19 Georgina
Thats soo sweet what jasper was thinking about his memories and stuff :L make sure you do the last chapter. :L xx
10/23/2011 c19 Ben
You have to do the last chapter as its a really wicked story x
10/23/2011 c19 Chelesea
Really awesome cant believe your almost finished :)xx
10/23/2011 c19 Jade
Really good! do the final chapter to sum it up :L! x
10/23/2011 c19 Sally
Amazing and that was soo sweet :L¬!
10/23/2011 c19 Will
That was sooo cooolll! and edward feeling smug :L:L:L:L!
10/16/2011 c18 Gina
Really good ~:~L!
10/16/2011 c18 Bethany
Just spent all of yesterday reading it :L but its really good and i've added it to my favourites :)x
10/16/2011 c18 Jade
Super cute! i cant believe its only 2 cchapters left :O i hope nessie & jake get over their fight :L!
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