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for Children of The War, Book 2: Earth

4/3 c7 Cocofant
I'm still holding out for the Ty Lokka so I think I might stop here and just jump to the next book. Thank you for writing
8/9/2019 c17 1neogoki
Toph awesome
I do hope that zuko will find some enlightment and peace soon, his suffering is so saddening
8/9/2019 c16 neogoki
twisted, twisted politics, Joo Dee-zombie-style attack and suprising character development from Toph's mother.
This has the earmarks of an upcoming Charlie Foxtrott
8/8/2019 c5 neogoki
When Iroh isn't badass or heartwarming, then he is sad. And usually for very good reasons.
10/26/2017 c21 Warclam
You… you killed Bosco? You monster!
9/19/2015 c18 27Freefan1412
Oh, that line from Aang with 'how dare you disobey your Avatar' was from Kyoshi. I recognize it. :) And it was very nicely put there. Aang isn't usually one to say things like that, but well, his temper has been boiling and Long Feng has been pushing it and generally, with the changes you have made (some subtle, some not), it does fit and it's amazing. I'm wondering, is Aang saying it because he is the one who says it or because it's an impulse from Kyoshi. Not that it really matters.
9/17/2015 c2 Freefan1412
Toph getting herself stolen. That is such a Toph thing to do. xd She is so utterly awesome.
8/4/2014 c21 12Lee Totema
Praise! Did I do that right? So awesome nothing like the other avatar stories I've read
8/4/2014 c20 Lee Totema
Damn you, you just had to make me cry! It his home even more because I have a son of my own
8/3/2014 c19 Lee Totema
Did they actually kill him? He didn't actually come back in the series I think either I'm not sure I haven't read all the comics yet I see that Zuko didn't actually change so I can already see he's going to take Azula's offer
8/1/2014 c18 Lee Totema
Ah yes the day when we were like no! Why must it be this way! Curse you Azula!
8/1/2014 c17 Lee Totema
Even though jet was a jerk I was still really sad that he died and more sad when smellerbee and longshot didn't come back to the store awesome toph though
8/1/2014 c16 Lee Totema
I always thought it sucked that toph want able to reconcile with her parents in the series bit it seems you have a habit of making minor characters into badasses now that her mom is partof the white lotus I really love the depth in this story and I'm almost done no! Good thing there's a third part
8/1/2014 c15 Lee Totema
Wow drunk Zuko and Sokka hilarious! Poor jet they told him
7/31/2014 c14 Lee Totema
Ba sing se was always a creepy city trying to control everyone like that man but you really made Iroh a badass
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