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for Umami: Summer of Salt outtakes

4/6/2020 c2 Lafemmevegeta
Great to read Edward’s thoughts during those hard times. At least now we know he suffered too but did not know he was truly in love. Great read, thx!
6/29/2019 c1 PLV
6/29/2019 c2 PLV
2/24/2019 c2 1Gigileexo
Umm wow, it’s nice(?) to finally see into how hard Edward had it in the beginning. But it makes it even greater that he overcame that to end up where they did. One word for those lemony lemons; goddamn! Thank you a gazillion times over for such a fabulously heartbreaking yet squeally fic, I just adored every second!
-Gigi xo
7/21/2018 c2 kneon
He's got it bad.
7/21/2018 c1 kneon
Its kind of sad to go back and read this after knowing what was coming, but it also explains so much.
9/11/2016 c1 lillianolivia.white
Edward is really messed up in his mind.
7/17/2016 c2 Cina's
Wow... Great outtake.
5/23/2015 c2 2NKubie
Well, that's embarrassing. Stupid, Prickward. At least he learns...eventually.
5/22/2015 c1 NKubie
Just because a pick knows he's a prick, doesn't make him less of one. Although this outtake makes his evolution even more profound.

And it was hot!
2/14/2015 c2 readicted
8/18/2014 c2 Guest
Your out takes are hotter than the story. Whew, that was good. Like so good. I fell a little more in love with Edward. Thank you. Now I'm really looking forward to The Drop updates!
4/25/2014 c2 prrrincess
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
3/21/2014 c2 polyphany
Love it! :-)
7/27/2013 c2 MoCullen
Mmmm...another great one! I hope that you are still reading these. I really hope that you continue to write and gift us with your stories. Thank you!
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