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for On My Own

9/24/2010 c7 1KrRiley
ow! please, please! continue!
9/15/2010 c7 lacey
please please please please please please write more, i must read more!
9/8/2010 c7 2deliciouse
PlEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! write another chapter, you can't leave me hanging, Lisa still needs to have the twins, i want to see how things go between Dimitri and Rose, they still have to go out to dinner, i think Lisa and Christian should watch the kids so Dimitri and Rose can have some alone time(Lemon!). And i want to meet Tasha's boyfriend and Adrian needs a love interest, the story is too good to end like that. I need to see what happens next on "On My Own". Please!
9/7/2010 c7 HyperGirl95
i'm loving the story so far. i'm so glad she told dimitri and that there back together. i'm really enjoying it, keep it up
9/4/2010 c7 5roseskyangel
this is really good.
9/4/2010 c7 lacey
please please please please please please please please write more. i this story.
9/4/2010 c7 2RedRoseBlackThorns
Please Updatez
9/2/2010 c7 yolonda
that was great wright more please please it was goo put at bad part in and then fix it please omg and so that means she is old enough to be with him now it was amazing if all the people who loved dimitri read this they might say this was even better than the real book also adrian i hope the story isnt done...
9/2/2010 c7 3Bananabooklover7
Cute-I like it! Please post more soon!
9/2/2010 c7 baseballshoppingmomma
9/2/2010 c7 6my 2 guys
that was the best chapter i have ever read keep it up
9/2/2010 c7 1talkygirl
is this the ending? love it by the way!
9/2/2010 c7 Paramorefreak100
awesome chapter
8/31/2010 c6 lacey
write more as soon as possible. and could u make dimitri propose to rose so they can get married? i want them to be a big happy family!
8/29/2010 c6 Sam-antha2727
what is he going to say?

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