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8/26/2010 c6 chinita1
Hi I just wanted to say that I loveeeeed the story it got all excited and to tell u the truth I wanna keep reading more of it. From all the time that I have been reading stories in this site I have never left a comment before. But this is such a great story that I needed to make a comment. I'm a bigggg fan of vampire academy and I just love it. Keep posting more, don't stop u r a good writer and I like also ur other stories but this one is huge. Thanks
8/26/2010 c6 1Bloopee
short chapter but still really good. loved it
8/26/2010 c6 Millie79
omg! next chapter please!

this was a good chapter!

i soo wanna see dimitris reaction!

update sooon!

xoxo emily
8/26/2010 c6 baseballshoppingmomma
8/26/2010 c6 1talkygirl
love the story!
8/26/2010 c6 2lovelylavern
Oooh, a cliffy! Love it!
8/26/2010 c6 victoriak9898
yay! he knows! aw, you didnt put up his reaction:( update soon!:)
8/26/2010 c6 6my 2 guys
that was great keep it up
8/25/2010 c5 PinkFluffyUnicornLexa
OMG! i freaking in love whit you! this is a great story! plisss update soon!

xoxo gossip girl... just kidding ;) ly 3
8/23/2010 c5 lacey
i reallly liked that chapter. and would love it if you updated soon.
8/22/2010 c5 Bekka101
poor rose now she has to see them everyday about this but she will have a lot to cry about and adrain was nice an help her
8/22/2010 c5 brittni1213
that was a good chapter cant wait for the next up date keep up the good work
8/22/2010 c5 1Dimitri-Rose-Forever
i hope she tells him and they get together soon please...i cant stand them being apart :(
8/21/2010 c4 huckie.lk99
wow i hope rose and dimitri get back together isnt good without them together. love your story!
8/21/2010 c4 baseballshoppingmomma
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