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for Waging War Against the 'Sues

9/22/2015 c12 4truebooknerd
I got the dead pirate Roberts reference from the princess bride one of my favorite movies!
11/26/2011 c15 Christina Conlon
Help! Help! I've lost my leg! ...Oh, nevermind, it's right- eek! Sorry, Snoddy. D:

XD I LOVED the past three chapters! They were absolutely AMAZING! 8D One thing I noticed, though, was that Snipeshooter isn't on your list of Taken Newsies, and I think he was the one I requested to be paired up with. :3

I'm so curious what the Machine is going to do, I could die! Please update as quickly as you possibly, (in)humanly can! :O

~ Christina Conlon
11/23/2011 c6 DramaticallyBlue
I LOVE this story. i haven't stopped laughing since i started reading it. it's sooooooo funny!
11/18/2011 c1 Kc
ok, yeah, me and "Me" are the same person. ::cringes guiltily:: so...forgive and forget?

Although, you've gotta admit, I was smooth. I totally pulled it off.
11/10/2011 c11 Kc
This is undoubtedly the best story on fanfiction that I have read so far. And believe me, I have read many stories on fanfiction. Oh, sorry, I mean-adn bleev em, i hve liek red many strys on ff11

Each chapter is just side-aching hilarious-but disturbingly, so true, as you know.
11/6/2011 c15 TheFlyingSeal
I'm still REALLY wondering what that machine does.

Oh lol, Dreamer WOULD do that.

11/6/2011 c15 5Mayarin
Ahhh! And the machine is about to be used!

This chapter was hilarious, as were all the others! Poor Jack, he wanted to be the sues toy and they simply won't have it...

Hmm... I wonder what Spot will say? I'm anxious for the next chapter!
11/5/2011 c15 killer bananas
yay! Fistfight! Sorry Dreamer, i didn't mean it! Oy, can we start fighting already? My marshmallow gun has been loaded andI am very eager to start fiering. And Snitch is excited too. Wait? Is the machine the same one from the Princess Bride? Sounds painful. But whatever happens, me and Snitchy will be ready.

thanks for updating and stay gold,

nutty little Acorn
11/5/2011 c15 25LucyOfNarnia
Ok, I'm not sure if "The end is nigh!" is from something or not. Anyways, this chapter was awesome! I love it soosososososo much! Seriously gal. Tis amazing! The fight part was hilarious as was the vision of Crutchy and my character screaming. AHHHHHHHHHH! :D It was hilariously hilarious darling :P Update soon, and best of luck with the awards!
11/5/2011 c15 6flyspecks
Omg...Jack insisting that he's the hottest made me laugh so hard for some reason...I can't even.

Also, I quite enjoyed being clumped in with the rest of the newsboys, complaining about the whistling, my natural tomboy is even showing in fic. Hoorah!

"THY END IS NIGH!" ...I can't even.

I'm also curious. What would happen if a girl was taken hostage by Mary-Sues?
10/27/2011 c14 43stillgoldie1899
Alright, -now- I want more, please.

And is the machine a spell-checker? It should be. You can even nickname it Kloppman.
10/27/2011 c6 stillgoldie1899
Terrible, and wonderful, like all of my favourite things! I can't decide what's worse: that people write fic like that, that -I- remember writing fic like that, or that the further along I read, the easier I'm finding it to read it.

I'm not at the end, but I already think you should write more. Ah, parody. One of the better forms of comedy.
10/23/2011 c14 6Marauding Newsies
Davey's adorable, and I'm jealous. On a more related note, this is cute, and fun and fantastically pointless. Please keep going! It's fun to tune in and try to pick out the references.
10/19/2011 c14 5Mayarin
Oh, the suspense!

I'm dying to find out what the machine is for...
10/19/2011 c14 Eruanna Undomiel
Im not going to bother logging in, but I had to review.

You kind of fantastic. Just so you know. This story makes me really happy. When I got the alert, I started freaking out a little bit. I had to try to reign in it to preserve the illusion of sanity I have set up to protect my family and friends. It was extremely hard. But I really can't wait for more! Keep up the phenomenal work!

Eruanna Undomiel

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