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for Shades of Gray

10/11/2022 c20 Willow-Wisp23
I love it, it's so funny. Can hardly wait to read what his reaction is going to be, when he finally realizes that he's hopelessly in love with his Jedi general.
9/20/2022 c20 Poulpy2003
when the new chapter ?
7/29/2022 c1 Poulpy2003
When the new chapter, pleasssssse
7/2/2016 c20 Princess.B.Saber31
Please keep writing there needs to be more chapters. Don't leave us hanging.
4/14/2016 c20 Guest
Needs more chapters.
7/20/2014 c4 Heyhu
The backstory of the planet is really interesting
7/20/2014 c3 Heyhu
Chet has a verymstrong personality that really came through in
7/20/2014 c2 Heyhu
Wow that was a really scary nghtmare :/
7/20/2014 c1 Heyhu
Okay these different characters all look interesting...
7/19/2014 c3 sasha
I like how you switch between Mera and Chet
7/19/2014 c2 sasha
This is a really angsty piece of backstory I love you you go straight into the action.
7/19/2014 c1 sasha
these all look like interesting characters!
7/20/2014 c9 Skiffy1313
Glad to see Mera connecting with the other clones as well. This is a good ensemble piece.
7/20/2014 c8 Skiffy1313
You're doing a fine job of developing the emotional relationship between Chet and Mera without taking it too fast.
7/20/2014 c7 Skiffy1313
Yes, Torch probably should have predicted that would go badly.
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