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9/4/2011 c10 8DramaRose13
There are no words to describe how perfect that chapter was! It was perfect...no beyond perfection. I'm speechless utterly and completely speechless. It was beyond perfectly written! The comedy was perfect, the action was perfect, it was just all so perfect! I absloutely loved the fight between Duncan and Alejandro - it was epic, totally and completely epic! The romance was beautiful and breathtaking - the AleHeather scene was wonderful and lovely and ALL of Cody and Courtney's scenes were excellent and perfect! I loved the song, it was very pretty - on a side note, in your authors note at the end, you mentioned that "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" was the best Disney love song ever. Although I love that song and greatly respect your opinion, I have to disagree with you. I feel that "I See The Light" from Tangled is the best Disney love song ever written. In any case, as I mentioned before, I loved Courtney and Cody's song and I thought that it was beautiful. I loved the fact that you kept some humanity in Ezekiel and because you kept some humanity in Zekey, I'm very very very happy he won, depite the fact that I was a Team Cody fan. If you hadn't kept some humainty in Zekey, then I would be angry at you right now, but I'm not. I'm actually quite pleased and I laud your cleverness for finding that little detail from the London episode. I'm surprised I didn't catch that myself. Zeke winning actually touched my heart, thinking about all he suffered through and I loved the fact that Courtney brought up the detail and gave him the money. It's fitting because back in season one, the first elimination of the season was between the two of them, and he ended up going home, so it was fitting that the first person that he lost to be the one to give him the money and the win in the end. I absolutely loved the references to "The Princess and the Spider", "The Princess and the Frog", and the picture of Duncan with the birds nest on his head from your deviantart gallery. Speaking of pictures, I know that I'm being an annoying pest, but how's the picture of Duncan and Courtney in their fairytale coustumes coming? I loved that story just as much as I loved this one and I guess that I'm just a little too eager to see Duncney in those gorgeous sounding costumes. So again, I'm sorry if I'm being an annoying pest. Anyhou, back to the chaapter review, I can understand about the busyness, so take as long as needed to get the epilouge written. Ican wait, I've had enough Candy to last me a few months! ;)! Again, I would like say how prefect this chapter - no the whole story is. It's one of theb est Total Drama stories that I've ever read and there are no words to describe it. A job universally beyond very well sone!
9/4/2011 c10 11Lucky and Witty Number18
Heya Strixpunzel.

I must admit that I’m honestly impressed that you managed to crank out this chapter so quickly after your last one. I know your primary reasoning was to try to get as much done before you had to head to school, but I believe everyone else here will agree with me when I say you’ve provided us with a great “beginning of the new semester” treat.

I love the quote you’ve prefaced this chapter with. It states very eloquently a theme that has been building since the beginning of this story. I personally am one of those people who sometimes fears changes in my life, but this quote reminds me that change is just the first step on a new journey.

Hehe, poor Geoff, it really wasn’t smart of Duncan to leave Mohawk with him, though based on DJ’s track record with animals this season he actually might have been the lesser of two evils. I find it interesting that Bridgette is capable of finally expressing contempt about Alejandro so easily now. Even when Eva was threatening her during the first season, Bridgette was more of a flight rather fight kind of girl, though Blaineley and Al’s cruel actions have actually seemed to force her to mature a bit and realize that in order to defend the people she cares about, she can no longer sit by and take a passive role.

Noah does have a good point about Owen being more of a hindrance than a help to whatever team he’s on, but Noah should also reflect upon the fact that Big O was the winner of Season 1, thus he still has quite a few unusual, if not disgusting talents at his disposal.

Wow, I must say that compared to the other romantic moments you’ve written, Al and Heather’s romance in this chapter is certainly quite… spicy. When Al was telling Heather that his goal in helping her was not only to seek revenge, but to also win her heart, I admit that I couldn’t help but hear Spanish guitar music playing in the background.

Surprisingly clever move on Owen’s part with the quicksand. Noah’s prediction was that Owen would just bumble the whole thing up for Al and Heather, but here he’s actually working proactively to assure Cody’s victory. It’s nice to see the big guy actually using his noodle instead of his digestive tract to get ahead.

It’s great to finally see Cody’s team working together, though I do like that there is still a healthy amount of tension in the air. The fact that Cody is the one orchestrating the falling of the tree shows that he’s taking command of leading his team and using everybody’s natural talents to best fit the situation, as a good leader should.

I admit that I felt a little lost when I was reading the actual mechanics of how they brought down the tree. Heh, I guess my weakness in Physics is showing right now, isn’t it? :P

Courtney coming out of her shock from falling was a delightfully rare silly moment on her part. I can imagine instead of simply being dazed, that she instinctually went into attack mode when prodded by Duncan and clawed him up like the infamous “cat next door” from Snoopy.

I liked Duncan and Courtney’s taking down the animals as they were crossing the bridge, for that scene does a good job of highlighting their individual fighting styles, where Duncan is more of a close-range brawler and Courtney is more of an elegant martial artist (also, good job with Courtney settling her grudge with the shark from Season 2, you always seem to a have a brawl between these two at least once in most of your Total Drama stories).

Al can actually LIFT Owen! He ain’t human! As for Owen ripping one on poor Duncan… well, no one ever said that redemption was easy. :)

Pardon my language, but Courtney confronting Al while he has a knife shows just how much of a badass that girl is! Also, is Cody really that dense about beating up somebody else, or does he really just like Al’s boots. XDDD

The way you described Duncan and Courtney going over their respective mistakes in their relationship was simply beautiful. They have both really matured from the bad boy and the prissy girl into a man and woman who now understand some of the harsher realities of life, including that one can never really erase the past. It truly was bittersweet when Duncan advised Cody to not make the same mistake that he had in not letting Courtney know how he truly felt.

Wow, I must say that the fight between Al and Duncan has probably got to be one of the most intense scenes that you’ve ever written. The details such as the white lights before Duncan’s eyes after he is initially struck were a very realistic detail. Sorry if this is a too personal question but of pure curiosity, how did know about those lights, was that research or experience-based?

I now understand why you had Heather as the one competing against Cody. It’s their respective teams that are protecting both of them, thus it’s the perfect means for Al and Duncan to finally have their confrontation. I also now finally understand that black and white sketch of Al that’s been in your dA gallery for the last few months. I’m amazed that you’ve had this scene planned out since almost the beginning of the story!

As for Al slicing Duncan, my personal opinion is that Al would either be too cowardly or would view it beneath him to actually cross that boundary, but then again, the descent into madness that you portray him with does require something like this to get the ball rolling. The fact that Al is willing to call Duncan mad after everything he has done and said proves the old saying, “To a madman, it’s the rest of the world that appears insane.”

It was pure genius to have the fight morph into the nightmare that Duncan has been having, just because it forces him to finally confront his demons that have been festering all season. The advice of the monk finally makes itself clear when Duncan realizes that he has been influenced by so many other people and factors that he has forgotten to listen to his own heart. When Duncan learns to trust himself, even if he is unsure about certain things, he finally finds the strength and solidarity within himself to take Al down.

You likened Duncan to a lion when he defeated Al? Did my drawing have any influence on that decision or was this simply a case of great minds thinking alike. ;)

Owen’s ‘death’ scene… has got to be one of the funniest things you have ever written. I swear I couldn’t stop laughing for ten whole minutes and I’ve been visiting it all day. It would’ve have been a little bit sweeter if maybe he asked them to tell Izzy that he loved her, but I guess that’s just my inner shipper popping up.

It was sweet that Cody hinted that Courtney would become closer to his friends once they started dating, due to the fact that having one’s friends accept your boyfriend or girlfriend is often an understated, but critical part of a relationship. It makes the possibility of the Courtney and Cody being happy together seem all the more tangible, plus it sets up a perfect transition for the scene where Cody has to rescue Courtney from the ledge.

Poor Zekey, he may have gained an inhuman degree of agility and dexterity, but the poor kid is still enough of a dopey farm boy to fall for Heather’s tricks.

It’s good that Owen helped Duncan to reach the top of the volcano. The poor delinquent probably barely had any energy after his fight with Al, so it probably would have been impossible for him to make it on his own.

Courtney and Duncan’s attempt to guarantee Cody’s win, Cody shows that he wants to win HIS way when he rescues Courtney from the ledge. This scene shows that he cares more about the incredible journey he has had and the wonderful people he has met rather than actual monetary prize. The finish line at this point gains new meaning from being a source of riches to being a symbol for the strength of friendship and love triumphing over deception and malice. If Duncan and Courtney’s finally being able to say goodbye was their moment of growing up in this chapter, then Cody finally telling Courtney that she is the true prize of the game is his own moment of maturity.

It’s interesting that you said that “Can you feel the love tonight” was the inspiration for this chapter’s song, because I kind of got a “At last I see the light” vibe from it. Despite that, it was one of the most emotional songs of this story and really captures the theme of finding new love and growing in ways you never expected. Furthermore, you are one of the few authors I know who can successful turn a barren, volcanic wasteland into a romantic backdrop.

My dear Strixpunzel… the fact you were able to have Zekey win in such an outrageous and totally unexpected way… I must take my hat off to you and applaud. I would have never expected such an ending in a thousand years and the fact that you were honestly keeping all of us guessing shows just how talented you truly are. Hehe, it was refreshing to see Zeke so happy as opposed to the real ending (and that kiss with Eva was a cute touch).

Lastly , you’ve set the stage wonderfully for Duncan to continue with his own journey and I can’t wait to see what thrills and torture you put our lovable punk through next. Can’t wait for the epilogue and I hope that you have fun heading back to school!

PS: Witty has taken back control of our joint account due to me needing to focus on doing well on my test again. I’ll still be leaving reviews sign into our account though, so Witty will tell me if you send a review response. BTW, if it’s not too much trouble, could you check out Witty’s latest story, which happens to be a Smurf fanfiction. It would mean a lot to me. Anyway, hope you liked this review!

Your Friend,

9/4/2011 c10 Momorulz
So who does Duncan marry? Plz no gwen
9/4/2011 c10 3teneery
There are so many things I like about this chapter that I don't know where to start! xD I'm loving it, all of it, the NxS ankward moments, Zeke the winner, Cody - the bigger winner, Owen and his sabotage, Duncan vs. Alejandro...

But the part:

"But…but…Court, he has a knife!" (...)

"Good!" She snarled fearlessly, glaring straight ahead at Alejandro. "He's going to need it!"

That made me laugh for at least five minutes. That's sooo Courtney! xDD

About the song - "Gotta Tell the Girl" was my favorite song so far and I hope you'll write something very close to this one in epilogue. I'll be waiting :)
9/4/2011 c10 nightmaster000
This chapter was awesome loved it everything was great the fight between Ducan and Ale the unexpected ending twist everything was great and i look forwad to the epilogue it should be good.
9/4/2011 c10 Noexiste
Hi, awwwww, super sooo cuteee cxc :D

Update soon, plissss

9/4/2011 c10 2SEGASister
Aww! I was hoping that Cody would win, but I'm glad Zekey gets what he's been striving for all season long! Way to notice a loophole, Courtney!

My favorite song would have to be this one. =) It, made me cry and-sorta-sing along. It almost saddens me to see this come to a close. But, all good things must, huh?
9/4/2011 c10 16Ander Arias
Wow, such an awesome chapter! I didn't think that I'd have to wait so little for the second part of the final!

And not only I'm happy that Ezekiel won(he really deserved it, given the treatment he got during WT), but I kind of expected it. Besides, it's not that Cody goes home empty handed, hehe XD

Well, looking forward the epilogue.
9/4/2011 c10 1TwoHeartedWallflower
That was the most unexpected and wonderful twists ever. This story is amazing. You have inspired me to try and write one of my own. Fair warning, it may suck
9/4/2011 c10 Total Drama Islander
Okay, I can forgive you for not letting Cody win because it was such a hoot seeing Zeke pull off the unexpected victory. The real show should have had a twist like that!

Besides, Cody got something that will (hopefully) last far longer than a million bucks...
9/3/2011 c9 16Ander Arias
I saw this story on TvTropes, and after I read the first chapter, I felt that this story was sucking me into it like a black hole (nerdy metaphors FTW!). It's so well writen, and its perfect combination of romance, humor and drama made it quite enjoyable to read.

You know, I never liked Duncan/Courtney. I thought that the CIT would be much better with a "good boy" like Cody instead of a "bad boy" like Duncan, so I pretty much love how everything turned out.

At first it seemed that Duncan and Gwen were going to be villains without any kind of redeeming qualities, but you made an excellent job of fleshing out their motivations and feeling behind cheating on Courtney. They felt more deep and three dimensional.

I also thought that Sierra would little more than a comic relief with her obssession with Cody, but when she outgrows her fangirlism, accepts Cody's feelings for Courtney and still promises him that he'll help him through the rest of the show...that's the most powerful non-romantic moment in the whole story.

Even if Noah's comeback was short, it indeed made for an awesome chapter. No wonder why so many people like him so much.

Oh, and the songs! All of them were great, but guess that, since background music it isn't the same as in the show. Anyway, you still put a lot of effort on them. My favorite has to be Izzy's song about shipping. So funny, yet so true! Let's see if the last song can beat it.

I think it's time to talk about the best part of the story: CottonCandy! Every single interaction between Cody and Courtney was simply beautiful. Cody wondering if he only likes Courtney as a replacement for Gwen was a really nice touch. You're the best romance writer I ever saw. I can't wait to see how things will turn out in the end for the two.

I guess that you don't like Al that much, do you? But hey, who does? XD BTW, what about Zeke? Will he try to steal the briefcase like he did in canon?

I can't wait to see the next chapter, especially since the ending is so near. Go team Cody!
8/29/2011 c9 14wash-and-dry
aww man! i really wanna know the plan :(

I knew Alejandro would do something devious with that knife. I mean, I was expecting him to go psychotic and, like, stab Cody or something. (I'm being completely honest with that) But I thought it was cute how he told Heather he'd do anything for her. :)
8/28/2011 c8 wash-and-dry
I'll be honest. The scene where everyone confronted Gwen, followed by the scene with Gwen and Trent, actually made me cry. Great work!
8/20/2011 c9 25babydon'tletmefall
GO TEAM CODY! *insert fangirlish squeaaaal... here*

I laughed how poor Owen had to go with Team Heather, and I have to admit, I'm kind of hoping that he'll sabatoge them. But Owen's too nice to do that, isn't he? :)

I loved the conversation with Bridgette and Duncan, and I think that it helped Duncan understand more than he ever possibly could without her. I always kind of blamed Bridgette this season, considering she willingly cheated on her boyfriend. But I guess this chapter explained it. A lot of fics have specifically been about the cheating with Bridgette and Geoff, but you, using it just as a side note, did it better than any author could even dream about. How she admitted to being wrong, and how she knew that she didn't something horrible... It was pretty epic, Strix.

Also, the AleHeather hints were sweet as well, in a way only AleHeather could make work. How Alejandro came from the water was just totally awesome (heh... like a boss)

Another reason this chapter was beast was because it gave me my CoCo fix, which I've been lacking in the last few chapters, understandibly.

I could say a million words (okay, no, I actually couldn't. I don't even know a million words) but that wouldn't even come close do describing how good of a writer you are.

Peace, Love, Happiness

8/18/2011 c9 3teneery
First of all, my congratulations for TV tropes mention :)

I really like how you focused on characters' emotions and their problems. The talk between Duncan and Bridgette is very well written. And no, despite the fact that I read "The Lawyer, the Snoop, and the Scandal" I won't complain about Gwen and Courtney. The way you wrote Gwen's apology and Courtney's forgivness was good and - what's more important - in character.

What I like about the whole story it's that that I can see you enjoy writing it, you like characters and you're trying to show us the best side of them - but also their weak points and sometimes malice.

I'm just sad that the story is coming to an end. Oh, well...
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