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6/22/2011 c7 5The Canadian HoneyBadger
awesome epic i want more!
6/22/2011 c7 21RandomNumbers523156
Your updates makes me happy soul!

I really liked how you added layers to the characters' personality, namely Cody, Duncan and Sierra, the song was also good, reflecting very well the moment; Chef was pretty funny here (serious, if he were nude, I would rip off my eyes). And I heard about Gustave before, that was interesting.

"Lack of nutrition, light, and communication does that to a person. You'll all look like in senior year of college." So. Much. True. By the way, Ezekiel's revenge was pretty good to see, glad you make him with at least more humanity.

The battle between Cody and Duncan was totally awesome! But in the end the results were good; when I read that Cody was going to tell Duncan off (serious, trusting in Heather and Alejandro, he deserved), I thought "he deserves" but then Cody goes over-the-top in an unexpected way. Take that shortie! But I'm glad they found grounds to make up in the end.

Sierra was also awesome here, and she showed why parodies of The Planet of the Apes never gets old. Her development on how to live a Cody-less life is pretty good.

Now it's just four. If the next will be Easter Island, Alberta and Hawaii, that means you will cut off the aftermath, but no problem, the drama will pump the end and Heather and Alejandro will have what's coming to them (I also believe you may want to split the episode, like you did in China). My only complain is that Ghost Nappa could have make a cameo in Gustave's belly, but not a big problem, but keep going!
6/22/2011 c7 5ribbonfly
This chapter is good. Duncan and Cody respect one another now which makes me really happy. I am glad that Duncan knows the truth and I want to see the Aftermath episode. I want to know if Courtney will forgive Duncan, she doesn't have to hook up with him but I want to know if they will be okay with one another. Gwen will not be happy with this turn of events and Noah may have a surprise for Cody since Cody set him up with Sierra.

I enjoyed the joke with celebrities in hiding and the voodoo dolls from Princess and the Spider. I thought it was funny when Chris mentioned activities and items that were not even Chinese.

I think a pangolin in TD style would be cute.

Ten chapters, one must be an aftermath episode you mentioned and the other the finale. I guess the next episode would be the either be Drumheller or Easter Island.
6/22/2011 c7 nightmaster000
another great chapter loved it we are down to the final four who will win can't wait for the next chapter
6/22/2011 c7 kjhgsfgfgkflklllljlj
i LOVE this chapter,. everything was just perfect, and i especially liked the fight scene. at first, when they got the pangolin and porcupine involved, i thought, "the only fight i have ever seen that is wierder than this was the Food Battle series on Smosh." then when Elvis and the psycho killer appeared, i thought, "I stand corrected, this is way wierder."

Also, the line "These white Canadians make such a shame to the art of Laamb wrestling." reminded me of a scene from Whose Line is it Anyway: "I'm a white Canadian, i've got a CHANCE!", when the suggestion was "Things you'll never hear in a boxing ring".

there's a lot more i could say, but unfortunately i woke up just recently, and am mispelling every other word, retyping it, misspelling the retyped word, then finally spelling it correctly. it's a pain, so i'm cutting this review off now.
6/22/2011 c7 Numbervania
Whoa... Not only did this do the African episode justice, it blew it out of the water.

The Llaamb wrestling I take it replaced the soccer goal challenge where the contestants had to either score a goal or block a goal, then take the fruit serving as the ball and crack it open by whatever means possible, thereby determining the number of tranq darts/pellets they got to hunt down Zeke.

Honestly laughed at the depiction of the circle of life at the beginning.

The song actually worked out quite well, showing how each singer's going through similar doubts regarding their relationships, whether real or imaginary or broken-off.

I'm astounded at Sierra's display of maturity after beating all the babboons where she admits to Cody she's okay with him being for Courtney now. Her obssesive fangirlness still comes into play after that, but still, it was indeed a shinning moment.

Also, this was a much better exit for Duncan. He resolved his feud with Cody, hatred replaced by respect. Plus, he's the one who determined his own elimination knowing the truth of what happened instead of just getting suckered out of the game like what happened in the show.

I'm interested to see how you handle the Easter Island episode which comes next. Thanks, and hope for more soon.
6/22/2011 c7 2The Codemeister
wow this was absolutely awesome, i'm glad Cody is still in the competition. i am now going to use my pyschic powers to predict the next eliminated contestants, Sierra will be voted of next leavig cody to fend for himself against Al and Heather.

then Heather is booted off. leaving Cody and Al in the final 2.

i think Alejandro will wi this seaso because cody will realise that he doesn't need to win a million dollars to be a winner in courtney's eyes and that all he needs to be happy is to be with her
5/28/2011 c6 LadyBonBon
I found this story by complete accident and I have to tell you that it's the best accident ever! I've always shipped courtney and duncan but this is cute too. Hope you update soon.

5/16/2011 c6 Violet Killer


5/9/2011 c6 I'm Lovin' It
Wow, it takes a lot of talent to make me pity just about every character who is present and missing. I especially was proud of Sierra for giving up Cody for both of their own good. I'm really hoping that Noah will take to her and that their relationship will at least have some tension and chemistry. Thanks for writing such a great chapter and I'm hoping for a bit o' Cotton Candy soon ;)
4/30/2011 c6 27kazikamikaze24
I SO want to hate you right now! However, concerning I'm reading this instead of sleeping, I gotta say, reading from start to latest chapter has me hooked to this story! I truly can't wait for this magnificent story to continue, though I do hope you'll be booting Heather next round. Until your next chapter!
4/22/2011 c6 kjhgsfgfgkflklllljlj
as sad as i am to see Court go, i loved the chapter and can't wait for the next one. i hope we see Courtney in the aftermath- or sooner.
4/18/2011 c6 14wash-and-dry
Aww Duncan you asshole...

I really wanna know what happens next! Can't wait till chapter 7!
4/17/2011 c6 25babydon'tletmefall

*spazzes out like a freakish fan girl* MARRY MEEEE!

Okay, not really, but you know. :)

That was so amazing! I am so mad at Duncan, grr!

Yes Duncan, you should totally believe anything Alejandro and Heather say. Because they've been so honest and fair the whole season. *rolls eyes* I didn't know he was such an idiot...

I love this, please update soon!
4/17/2011 c6 6colbyleebrown
(Growls) Man DUNCAN IS A FUCKING IDIOT! when the Next Chapter happens, have a Cody/duncan brawl. and Have Cody win total drama world tour in this story.
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