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4/13/2011 c6 21RandomNumbers523156
Again, other fine work! That's a real Chinese TD challenge! I enjoyed reading Cody and Courtney fighting the tiger and the dragon (at this moment, the film flashed in my head) and it was pretty awesome to see Courtney's badassery and that they patched up.

The song was wonderful, everyone joining the race and better than the canon's song, because A Chinese Lesson I consider it's just a filler made in the hurry, the writers added the humorous antics to make up for it. Inserting songs is not easy, but you managed to basically write a clip, everyone had a moment in the song and ended like Chris would want: explosions, explosions everywhere and Heather ignoring karma, as usual.

Cody finally made up with Sierra, I thought it would be harsh, considering the way she acted towards him initially, but it was nice they ended well, the explanation why she likes Cody makes sense, considering her cuckooish mind. Now, she's going into Noah, because everyone knows that he's her secondary target (bonus if it's karmic payback for his sarcasm, lol).

The development before the elimination was something I was thinking that would happen, Courtney facing herself that she still likes Duncan, after all he became more likeable after the events, I just think it his decision to go back to the CIT was as rushed as the decision to left her. Anyway, the way it was presented make him sympathetic, however I didn't expect Alejandro going as low as this (and stabilishing Heather as a full-villain, instead of the anti-hero she was in canon). Duncan could have reasoned but probably he was blinded by the moment and decided to kick away his chances with Courtney, that was unexpected, it's Code Geass all over again! But now, I'm even more interested. With Courtney gone, it's up to Duncan-Alejandro-Heather versus Cody-Sierra, keep going!
4/13/2011 c6 Earthdude
Great chapter, and I'm fine with the ending, but something confuses me. Presumbly, the voting was-

Alejandro- Courtney

Heather- Courtney

Duncan- Courtney

Courtney- Heather

Cody- Heather

Sierra- Heather

I mean, surely Cody and Courtney would have voted together, right? Great chapter, loved the song, updte soon!
4/13/2011 c6 nightmaster000
WOW this chapter was awesome the whole dragon and tiger scene was cool the song was great again and we see that Heather and Alejandro are more nastier and evil than ever as Duncan fall's for their trap and helps vote off Courtney just when you think they can't sink any lower huh also on a more humorous lighter side Sierra seems to have finally given up on having Cody as a boyfriend but may start stalking Noah now because of what Cody told her all this drama really make me look forward to the next chapter and i'm especially looking forward to the aftermath chapter so we can find out what the other contestants think of everything that has happend anyway this chapter was AWESOME and i hope to see the next one soon until keep up the GREAT work
4/13/2011 c6 2SEGASister
*comes over with the Phantom's noose* Where's Alejandro?
4/13/2011 c6 The Codemeister
there is only one more chance for Cody/duncan or Sierra to win this season and that is for the three of them to team up and vote out either heather or Al
4/13/2011 c6 PrincesaStereoLove
Hola, me encanto este capĂ­tulo. Pobre Courtney la eliminaron y con respecto a Duncan no tengo palabras, ya sabe que lo odio.

Siguela pliss, te leoo, byye
4/13/2011 c6 MrLuckyNumber18
Hehe, first review this chapter! Unfortunately I can't go off on one of my long reviews because I'm doing school work right now, but let me just say that this chapter was beautiful. Also, from reading your other stories, I feel that this will connect with some of the stories you were writing about the characters when they were adults. Anyway, I leave a more thorough review later tonite.
4/4/2011 c5 4l2s2
cant wait for more
3/31/2011 c5 AsherTye
Ha! He named the donkey Jerry after his emu. Cute!
3/31/2011 c5 37Asher Tye
Well that certainly sucked for CoCo... Breaking up before they even got to begin. Sad to say, but this is actually my prime problem with Courtney, she's way to eager to see everyone else's faults. To be fair she does seem to want to help them get over said faults, but really it does tend to color her view on what people can do. (Cody might not be overly great at direct competition, but he does seem to have a knack for pulling people's fannies out of the fire).

But this is interesting, though I will admit to missing the gross Chinese delicacies.

Of course who now is gonna save Courtney from the tiger? (assuming she can't deal with it on her own.) I mean after his little dream, Duncan might be feeling a touch heroic.

This is great and I can't wait to see how the second half of this episode goes. I'm just a little worried because I don't remember if Cody remembered to reclaim his belt after helping Punky back with the monkeys. See ya next update.
3/31/2011 c5 Princess Absahail
Wow, this chapter was fascinating beyond words. But did you have to break them up! The two characters clearly struggled thanks to the snake and his mistress. The way the two of them did it was spiteful, evil, and exactly what I'd expect from them. The way you twisted their words around and gave Courtney and Cody enough flaws for that to be a problem made the entire situation very intense and relatable.

One of the most standout parts of this chapter that may stay in my memory for several years to come would be Duncan's nightmare. You managed to make him very identifiable while not giving him a pair of the dreaded leather pants. I can clearly see how he's emotionally struggling. Man, I wish that scene could've been a part of canon...

I'm waiting very eagerly for the next part of the chapter. I don't know much about Asian culture, but I'd be very interested in learning about more than take-out. If this is an Asian culture, I really hope you write a song. I feel that "I'll Make a Man Out of You" would be an appropriate inspiration for any song about martial arts, but that's just me.

I'm loving the story so far and I hope that there'll be a happy ending for our little Cotton Candy. Never stop writing!
3/29/2011 c5 11Lucky and Witty Number18
Heya Strixpunzel! I finally got a free second to review!

I liked the cake gag with Zekey at the beginning. The guy may be watching over CoCo, but he's still got his eyes on getting the prize and he's going to need all the carbs he can get!

I'm also liking the awkwardness in this new relationship as well, as it sets up a good foundation for Courtney's argument with Cody later on in the chp.

Hehe, nice joke on Cody's part that Sierra might strangle Courtney with her hair. I always felt one of the things that could've really augmented Cody's character on the show was having a more pronounced sense of humor, y'know, more of the jokester rather than the wannabe player.

Speaking of Courtney and Sierra, I loved that you made Courtney sympathetic to Sierra. Everyone raised an eyebrow when Gwen let Duncan kiss her, especially since she knew that type of pain when Heather kissed Trent, but by letting Courtney feel pity for Sierra, you give the story a new level of depth and contigency.

Good job also with Courtney not falling for Al like on the show. By entering a relationship with Cody, she's remained clear-headed like she was at the beginning of the season and can now see the snake behind the sparkly scales. Though I must, Alejandro's jabs at Courtney in this part where worthy of another song! (Or at least a reprise of "They will all fall!")

I also liked how both Cody and Courtney recognize that Sierra is essentially a good person despite her fanatic ways. I've always felt so too. Plus... Yay! Sierra saved the Princess Courtney Doll!

Hm, I'm glad Heather's finally showing some villainous behavior in this story. It's cool that she was so determined in Season 3, but the girl has her roots in evil and its nice to see her return to them.

As for Heather's speech about Courtney, I've seen this argument pop up all over the fandom: "Courtney was SO mean during Season 2, so she deserves to be lumped in with all the other baddies..." Those that would continue to say that are choosing to outright ignore that Courtney did become nicer in Season 3 (plus she repeatedly proved to be loyal to Duncan in his absence). Heck if Heather can change, why would people not expect the same for Courtney.

However, you bring up a brilliant point that Courtney never was friends with Justin the way you portray her with Cody. Even Duncan and Courtney bonded before they started dating, so maybe if Justin wasn't so self-involved, it could've happened. It's like my favorite quote, "Love is friendship," so even though things are slow right now, Cody has a good reason to be optimistic.

Hehe, liked the parts with the quotes. I'm unfamiliar with most of them, but it's fun to see the kids to knock Chris down a peg. The martial arts belts were a nice touch and the correlation to the kids darker aspects was like a candy cherry on the sundae.

I am seriously wondering how the bamboo items will help the cast in the next chp, though Duncan's is pretty obvious (though the bamboo was a nice touch). What might have been cooler was if Duncan had some type of bamboo sword, but I guess that won't fit well into the context of the show, plus he probably couldn't use it anyway. I liked the fan for Courtney, as Chinese fans are very ornamental, plus there's something kind of romantic about them. For Cody, I'm guessing the cricket is a shoutout to Cricky from Mulan?

Hehe, Sierra's ram reminds me of Lamby!

I wonder why Cody would own a stuffed emu of all things, and then go and name it Jerry? Any theories?

Sigh, oh Duncan, how can you ask how could she forget you when you forgot her first?

Hm, the monk's words could act as a light in the darkness? Sounds kinda familiar.

What might have been interesting is for the Monk to train Duncan in a little martial arts. The Shaolin monks were not only known for their fierce abilities as warriors, but for their dedication to finding inner peace (something Duncan is in some desperate need of), though you seem to capture that pretty well here.

Monkeys can be pretty vicious and attack tourists, but usually only if they are perceived as a threat, the person has food, or in this case, the monkey has backup.

Okay, I thought the image of Al gargling was bad, but your little peep into his mind, circa "begging for a spicy, passionate kiss," was enough to make my stomach churn. Though the rooster jokes were funny. Hi-ho-piggy! After that Burromuerto!

It was good of you to have Courtney say she would never abandon Duncan when he was in real trouble. To often people have quoted that Courtney was more than willing to run off with the money in the past, yet she somehow always ended up back with Duncan. By having her say what did, it confirms that she's a strong player but still has a heart.

Cody's reaction to Courtney's whacking Duncan is of course the emotional climax of this chp b/c it reveals all the doubts they have over their relationship, but now that they are out in the open these two can hopefully move on to work on them.

As for Duncan's vision, although I won't say it's the climax of the chp,it was my fav part and it was something that he's been needing for a long time. He's finally been forced to confront all of his failures and like the monk said earlier, he will be judged on whether he can rise from them to a new beginning. Btw, nice Aladdin reference with Al becoming a big snake. Al's dialogue is great here just because Al did not create all of Duncan's problems, but his influence may be the last straw to push Duncan into the darkness.

Hehe, I think I have a better vision of Mohawk now that I've read this again. I do think that Mohawk would be a much better fit for Duncan than a tarantula, not that Duncan's old one will not be sincerely missed.

Courtney's realization that Cody does care for her is truly a sweet moment, just because it shows that actions do speak louder than words, and despite all of Al's pretty words, Cody HAS shown that he will protect Courtney, even against great odds. It's still nice though that Courtney realizes she can't forget Duncan, because I personally think it's impossible to forget one's first love.

As for the mystery animal to appear next chapter, I'm guessing the tiger. If it is him, maybe you could name him Raja (hey, at least it's a cooler name than Jerry)?

Looking forward to the next one Strixy!
3/26/2011 c5 25babydon'tletmefall
Holy crap! :D

This is one of the most amazing stories I've ever read. I started it last night, and I stayed up till midnight to finish it. Unfortunantly, I didn't have the chance to review.

One thing I absolutely love about this story is that it's so canon. I mean, you follow the TDWT story line, but think of your own challenges. Personally, I like this story better than Total Drama World Tour itself!

Man, I can't even express how amazing this story is. I must say, you've probably converted me to a CxC shipper. Before this story, it never even crossed my mind. Now, it's probably my third or forth favorite couple in general!

Grr... You and your cliffhangers! ;) It's the tiger isn't it? OF course, I suppose it could be the dragon as well... but I guess the tiger.

WHAT! :O Only five more chapters? I can't believe it! At least your chapters are insanely long though. :)

I can't believe I haven't read this story before. It's epic! No, it's more than epic! You have to update soon, or I could die.


I could die.

PUH-LEASE update soon. :) But you're so talented, don't rush yourself.
3/25/2011 c5 2SEGASister
This story is GOOD so far! =D

PLEASE...PLEASE don't let that be a tiger about to eat Courtney!

Anyway, I'm writing a similar story that is an alternate retelling of TDWT, only NOAH winds up with Courtney, not Cody. It's called, "More Than A Friend (Or: I Understand You Best)"
3/25/2011 c5 kjhgsfgfgkflklllljlj
Mohawk was awesome, as was everything else- but Mohawk was my favorite part. now i know why Ty's afraid of chickens, they can be mean as hell... i'd say a lot more, but i am in a hurry. i wait eagerly for the next part of the chapter ^^
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