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6/22/2014 c11 Guest
Why does Geoff keep saying bra if it is bro!? IT MAKES ME SO FUCKING MAD!
3/31/2014 c4 46GreenPokeGuy
Holy crap, Owen and Noah this chapter had me in stitches! So hilarious! And I'm glad CoCo is a thing now. Yay! :)

3/22/2014 c11 11Skillet Lord
Now this is what world tour should have been fanfiction of the worst season.
3/17/2014 c11 24Samtastic 3.0
I really liked this. I really liked chapter 3, when Gwen was questioning why Cody didn't like her dating Duncan when he was ok with her dating Trent, and Chef replied, "Because Guitar Boy wasn't a total /censor/" HILARIOUS
And I loved how Zeke managed to end up winning in the end. Go underdog!
The only part I don't like is that you didn't have Gwen and Cody make up :( But it was kinda funny how she seemed a little jealous that Cody wasn't into her anymore
Oh, and I loved Alien Cody, so so funny :P
Anyway, good story :)
2/26/2014 c11 12TheWriterFormerlyKnownAsNixon
That does it, between your story and JoeMerl's "Change of Plans", I've become inspired to try my hand at a Cody/Courtney story. These stories are just too excellent. It will be nowhere near the quality of this... But I've needed a reason to write something new for this series for a loooong time.
2/17/2014 c4 4SOFII.R
I love your fanfic! It is wonderful. It has everything! the characters sound exactly as they are, the plot is attactive, I have never felt so attracted to a fanfic like yours. AND I LOVE COCO,THEY ARE SUCH A CUTE COUPLE!, I love this couple fanom. You should have written Total Drama World Tour! you will compared to you the producers are losers, you have a lot of talente to attact people! honestly i was up all night reading your fic because it's addictive! And I love Owen and Noah, they are funny!
2/6/2014 c1 dario
You should put it in Spanish for Non know English
One is the Best That very good Read the Development of History I think if I did I would be Another First in Show will surely not disappoint the Haber received more comments, favorites and supporters. But the thing is that not many hay people that likes this couple floors.
BECAUSE But be warned that it would have been very Seen and commented.
I am also the Accept All kinds of couples but that I like are the Courney and cody, cody and heatler, gwen And Cody
2/5/2014 c1 dario
Deberías ponerlo también español para los que no saben english
2/5/2014 c5 dario
es uno de los mejores que leído muy buena la trama y el desarrollo de la historia creo si hicieras otro yo seria el primero en verlo seguramente te decepciona el no haber obtenido mas Comentarios,Favoritos y Seguidores. pero la cosa es que no hay muchas personas que le gusten este tipo de pareja.
porque sino te aviso este hubiera sido muy visto y comentado.
ademas yo soy de los aceptan todo tipo de parejas en las historias pero mis favoritas son las de cody y courney, cody y heatler, cody y gwen.
10/9/2013 c7 5NintenDolphin
Awesome! Just Awesome! I loved this chapter so much! The challenge, the animal encounters, everything was incredibly done. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm glad that Sierra is still helping Cody even though she now knows of his feelings for Courtney. It just goes to show that if done right, even a character as unlikable as her can be written to be likable.

Both parts of the challenge rocked! The best part of this chapter by far was the battle between Duncan and Cody. Hell, all of the parts between them were cool. I'm so glad Cody layed the verbal Smackdown on Duncan's candy ass. It was a brilliantly written scene. Seriously, I wish I could write like you. And all the moments where the animals attacked Al and Heather were funny. The assholes got what was coming to them!

Duncan's elimination was done great too. It's good that he knows the truth now, and he even gave a little symbol of respect to Cody. Though I honestly think he deserves to be miserable for a loooong time after everything he said to Courtney last chapter. But I guess voting yourself out of a million dollar competition is a good way to redeem yourself. I miss Courtney though!

Great job. This chapter is just as amazing as the China chapters. I look forward to reviewing the next one soon.
10/3/2013 c6 NintenDolphin
Holy shit! So many good parts in these two chapters! The beginning, the end, everything in the middle, the whole China portion of your story was just so freakin' amazing! I loved the part when Cody and Courtney walk into the mess hall and see all the angry faces. Is it wrong that I really wanted to see them kiss? Particularly right in front of Duncan? That would've showed the little green-haired punk!

As for the challenge. One word: INCREDIBLE! The changes you made added more action then what we saw in the actual chinese episode of TDWT. The animals of the zodiac were hugely entertaining to see, particularly the scenes with the horse, tiger, and the robotic monster. And the dog was just soooo cuuute! The song was also amazing. I love Under the Sea and Can't Wait to be King! :D It's so awesome that your writing your own songs for this story. The fact that their based on great Disney songs is a huge bonus.

I have to say, you do pretty well writing manipulation situations. Duncan's rage at the end, even though I wanted to punch him in the face, was very well written. Heather and Alejandro did an amazing job tricking him, Courtney and Cody. It's very sad that Courtney is now gone. But at least she and Cody finally kissed before she left.

All in all, this two-parter is so far your best chapters. I've read 'Candy For Your Thoughts' before, but it's been a while, and I could never remember what happened in the China arc. But having read it again, it's really, really, freakin' good. Great job Strix! I'll be back soon for Chapter 7.
9/25/2013 c2 WishStar
Ok that was Awsome how you did with Alien Cody was genus. Very creative
9/25/2013 c1 WishStar
Yes! Some one did something to make a better ESP. For tdwt
9/17/2013 c4 NintenDolphin
This chapter was Epic! I love it! The beginning with Duncan and Alejandro arguing was written very well, as was the whole chapter in general. I snickered when Cody's face landed on Courtney's boobs while sleeping. And Courtney's confessional was cute. The way she was describing her new feelings for Cody, and the way she yelled at Ezekiel and tried to defend herself was a satisfying read.

The whole Niagara challenge was told almost exactly like in the show. But thankfully, you brought back Noah instead of bringing in Blaineley, even if he did have Owen as his bride. Cudos to you. I can't help but laugh at that a part every time I read it. It's just so hilarious. Plus their song about telling Cody to man up and tell Courtney how he feels made me smile, and bust out laughing when Owen dressed like Courtney.

My favorite part of the chapter was obviously when Cody came out with his feelings for Courtney. I felt so happy when Courtney felt the same way. Even though it turned Duncan into a raging bull. But I have to admit that it was funny when he just ran into Alejandro and Heather and knocked them off the tight rope. As was him chasing Owen and Noah after they knocked him off the rope to save Cody. I was very sad to see the two of them leave the show, especially since they probably had a painful landing since Owen jumped off without a parachute. Haha.

The ending was especially sweet. I'm glad that Cody and Courtney finally got together. I just wish that they did kiss. But I can't blame Courtney for wanting to take this new relationship slow. She obviously learned from her and Duncan. All in all. I LOVE THIS CHAPTER! It's one of the best ones you've written in this whole story. Hopefully, I'll be back soon to review the rest.
8/30/2013 c3 NintenDolphin
Chapter 3 was great! Just as great as the first two chapters. Duncan seeing the picture of Gwen and Courtney as friends, I thought that was very symbolic. Yeah, let that sink in Duncan. A part of me should feel bad for Gwen when she was feeling sad about Cody hanging around Court, but then I think back to in the show when she was all for not talking to him just to get Sierra to help her vote off Heather in Episode 8. Sooo, nope, not really sympathetic with her right now.

I thought it was cool that Cody and Courtney both live in the same town. I wrote something like that involving Cody and Bridgette in my story (Kingdom Hearts: Cody's Story, if you ever want to check it out). And I loved every scene that they were a part of in this chapter. Cody on top of Courtney, their little Emu race, and their talk in the final scene.

Gwen, Duncan, Alejandro and Heather all really pissed me off in this too. Duncan for joining Alejandro, Al for basically doing what he does, Heather for being bitchy, and Gwen for actually listening to Alejandro and trying to manipulate Cody into voting off Courtney with her. She has just not been likeable at all this season, has she? But I have to admit, the song for this chapter was freakin' EPIC! I love 'The Lion King'! And 'Be Prepared' is my favorite song from that movie.

In closing, awesome job. Australia was cool, the song was cool, and the scenes between Courtney and Cody were tenderly sweet. Love Chapter 3. See ya next time!
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