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4/30/2013 c1 Guest
after reading this, you have made me an official cody/ courtney fan. It's true that their understanding of each other plus cody's comical ability to make her smile (never thought i'd say courtney and smile in a sentence... wow, the apocalypse has begun) would make them a compatable(and hella cute) couple.
A new crack couple has been added onto my list! I'm normally one for cannon couples, not crack, but there are a few crack couples a i really adore.
* trentney
*cody and courtney ( I dont know their couple name and everything I can think of sounds lame)
*katie and dj (again, don't know their couple name)
* sadie and dj (i dont know why, but I only like this couple if natie becomes a couple)
I absolutely hate cody and gwen as a couple, mainly because I think cody deserves someone better as gwen either ignores, abuses and rejects him for three seasons, and she even took advantage of him! I used to love gwen, but know I think she is slimy, untrustwothy traitor who should never be trusted again. Seriously, gwuncan fans keep on saying "oh, but gwen feels guilty for being a backstabbing bitch so back off" please, I highly doubt gwen is guilty, she keeps on tellig herself that shes a horrible person but i dont think she believes it, as her eyes are too clouded over for her fangirly love for duncan.
4/23/2013 c11 ddqfpluskick
After finishing your story I must comment on how much I enjoyed it. My favorite part was the inclusiveness of so many character into the conflict. It is great to see others weigh in without becoming raving fanatics or not realizing they have to make hard choices. The inclusion of Noah was great and it made me remember how much of a break out character he was in TDWT. I love crack pairings and the writers that make them. Your story is one of my top three favorites in this area.
2/24/2013 c7 57Technical Technicalities
After two missed shots, Alejandro quit firing. He had to save his eight tranquilizer bullets. He only had five. Anyways, I read this chapter, and I gave up. Since Courtney is gone, it wouldn't be CoCo now would it?
2/24/2013 c6 Technical Technicalities
That cricket was smarter than Cody, lol
2/23/2013 c1 Technical Technicalities
Not really a one-shot if I see more chapters. :3
11/17/2012 c1 Markus Deathstalker
You know, I could probably make an entire novel on why TDWT was god-awful. Though, to be honest, most of it will probably have the repeated lines "DIE DUNCAN DIE" and "WHY THE HELL DIDN'T THEY MAKE GWODY CANON?!" and the ever classic "GET RID OF THOSE STUPID WRITERS AND LET THE FANS DECIDE WHAT HAPPENS, YA JERKS". But I digress. In a shorter version, I would pretty much point to this fic and say "This is what should have happened". And I do not say that lightly, this really is an amazing fic. So good, in fact, that I have decided to review each chapter individually, and talk about how this is much better than canon.

First off, a little commentary. Making Gwuncan (God, even saying that word makes me flinch) canon was a stupid idea for several reasons, but the main one for me is that it took a fire that everyone thought was getting progressively pointless, and then adding fuel to it, to a point where I feel that the creators wanted to make a flame war, made even sadder by the fact that everyone was starting to get along. I hate this pairing more than anything else in the series, and it does not help that I was (and still am) a hardcore Gwen/Cody.

The reason I mention this is because this chapter (along with the rest of the story) is a great advocate as to why and how Cody/Courtney can, in fact, work. Thanks to the great writing, I really feel the pain of what Courtney's going through, but probably even more so with Cody, though that's probably because I can relate with him better. The conversation between them, while kinda sad, as they feel betrayed by the people that they really cared for, also ends up being really heartwarming, as we see a connection between these two with the feeling that, in the end, everything will be fine, and they will find happiness...a feeling that was NOT found in canon. TDWT felt empty, cold, and at some points depressing, when we all know that their going through hell, and can't do anything about it. This story, on the other hand, gives a feeling of the characters being hopeful and finding peace. It makes me feel good, I suppose is what I am saying.

The canon writers, as well as many fan-fic writers, still go way too easy on Douche-hawk (or Duncan as others call him), and this fic does not at all, and for that, I respect you immensely.

Marius Deathstalker.
11/2/2012 c1 Princess Brianna
I knew he had a crush on her
10/23/2012 c11 1beserkerbeast
really enjoyed this story
Great job
10/22/2012 c4 TheSmirkingSnake
Alright, first off, I hope this reaches you, second off... This is freakin' AWESOME! I inadvertently found this story when I was just browsing for something to read, and I am soooo glad I found this! It's so true to the show, I can totally visualize every scene from every chapter, I especially loved the songs, the wedding chapter (*chuckles* Owen X3 ) and Cody cussing out Duncan. You have such talent. *strikes heroic pose* I wish you luck in life! And so, The Snake pops a throat lozenge, with a kindly smirk
10/15/2012 c2 23Samtastic 3.0
Really good
8/15/2012 c11 4StrangerWays
I spent all night reading this:)

Oh you did an amazing job! I never saw Courtney and Cody as a couple until I read this and I must say it is accurate to their characters that they would become an item! This is how the show should have ended!

I loved the cotton candy reference, my favorite scene actually.

Redemption between Gwen and Duncan was beautiful:) I truly believe that that's how it should have been! Beautiful job!

I officially am a coco shipper. (Wonder if Izzy is gonna pop out of no where and sing) lol
8/12/2012 c11 4The Cheesebub
AMAZING! I can see why this story is so revered among everyone.
8/12/2012 c1 7alicefrombakugan
Your story is a literal amazement...
8/10/2012 c11 InactiveUser2k12
lol this story was awesome!
8/9/2012 c10 InactiveUser2k12
This. Was. Epic. i cant believe zeke won though but hey what r ya gonna do about it?
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