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12/26/2011 c3 HalfMaskedWholeHeart
It's so creepy because I can imagine Al and Duncan doing their evil song! But i luv it!
12/26/2011 c11 25babydon'tletmefall
Okay, so I could never, ever tell you how much I loved this story. So I'll settle for: ASIDF'HASDF THIS WAS SO AMAZING

Before Candy For Your Thoughts? CoCo had never crossed my mind. This story, of course, made me adore it. It was sweet and funny and everything in between.

And I got a shout-out, you're too sweet. :)

Alien Cody had to be my favorite part. He was absoultey hilarious. ;D

I loved it, and I can't wait to read more from you.

Peace, Love, Happiness

12/19/2011 c11 28AzelmaandEponine
This was really good! This story made me like Cody/Courtney!
12/13/2011 c10 33flymeawaytoneverland
ODOGTJSODIJDGIJD! ! :D Cody finally got his kiss. :)

And poor Duncan.. Though, I'm quite fond of him having beat the crap out of Al.. Heeheehee..

And hmm.. Zeke won.. Who woulda though?

So. Much. DRAMA in this chapter (almost wrote episode..) and I absolutely adored every last bit of it. :)
12/13/2011 c9 flymeawaytoneverland
ODIJFSOIDJFOIJDSJF! Have to review this quick so I can get to reading part 2..

I actually really enjoy and Court and Gwen are friends again.. It's good to see Court's forgiving side, and to see them both own up to their mistakes.. Duncan as well.. And his talk with Bridgette? Made me smile. A lot. :)

Cody's speech was the best.. I honestly think he'd make a real awesome peace keeper some day. :P

Anywho, loved this. :)
12/12/2011 c8 flymeawaytoneverland
Not going to lie.. This chapter made me cry.. Mostly because of how accurate the meeting between Duncan and Courtney was.. Okay, all because of that.. :P

The parts with Geoff hosting though? Best part ever! Made me laugh. :P

And I love the GeoffxDJxDuncan friendship. :)

Also, how did I guess NoCo would be the top voted for couple? xD
12/12/2011 c7 flymeawaytoneverland
Bahahahahahahaha! Cody. Is. The. Best. EVER! :D The way he stood up to Duncan and totally pulled a Lindsay.. It really was something.. :)

Hmm, when it was mentioned they would be fighting for the same thing.. Could this "same thing" be Court.. Guess I'll have to read to find out..

LOVED Sierra in this. :) Can't wait to see how much more drama is going to unfold.. :P
12/12/2011 c6 flymeawaytoneverland
This chapter had me laughing and on edge at the beginning, awe'ing at Cody's selflessness and Duncan's feelings for Court, and pretty much crying when she got voted off and Duncan was such a jerk and how Cody reacted to it..

I LOVED it though! It. Was. Amazing!
12/12/2011 c1 Guest
yeah, i definitely like your version.
12/12/2011 c5 flymeawaytoneverland
..Poor Cody.. :(

Hmm.. I wonder what Duncan is going to do after that vision..

And I wonder how Cody's feeling? And if Court will be able to fix things.. I sure hope so.. At least, to work things out..

Oooh, if Heather and Al were real people I would punch them, and I'm hoping that's EXACTLY what Courtney will do. Or worse.. Heh heh heh..

Loved this, btw :)
12/11/2011 c4 flymeawaytoneverland

Aha, this chapter had me in stiches. I was either smiling or laughing the whole way throught. :] Duncan is so super jealous.. And I'm starting to wonder if he's going to do anything..

And will Courtney and Cody last? Well, I'll just have to find out tomorrow, because now, is really time for me to go to bed.. (Because it is 2 in the morning and I have school tomorrow.. xD)
12/11/2011 c3 flymeawaytoneverland
Uggh, I should really go to bed.. But this story is so amazing I can't stop reading! I keep saying "after this chapter" "after this one" but I just can stop..

Loved this, btw :) I'm glad to see Cody over Gwen, and I'm interested in seeing how the whole Al/Duncan thing will play out.. Hm..
12/11/2011 c2 flymeawaytoneverland
Awwwwwwe! :) Again, I have to say it, Cody is such a sweet heart!

Duncan is dilusional.. He's so totally jealous. ;) Haha.

And serves Gwen right to be jealous, after everything she put Court through!

Alien Cody cracked me up. Especially the bra part. xD

Loved this :)
12/11/2011 c1 flymeawaytoneverland
Awwe, Cody's such a big sweet heart :)

And him and Courtney kind of make a cute couple.. I prefer DxC, but still, they really do..
12/11/2011 c11 7Mr. Panama Red
It's sad when good things have to end, but alas. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to review, I've been away and I've only just now realized that the final chapter was up.

Anyway, this is a very appropriate ending for the story. Just as hilarious, tender and musical as the rest of the story, it makes me even more bummed that it's over. I especially loved Ezekiel's glorious return to eating human food, Duncan's warning to Cody which wasn't only tender and friendly but was also hilarious (more than anything due to Duncan's threats to feed Cody to his dog if he cheats on Courtney, which just cracked me up).

The reprise of "Come Fly With Us" was great, since I am a fan of the idea that every story has to, in some way, end the way it began. The new lyrics were great and even though the rapped section wasn't much to my tastes, the finish was great. I wish I could hear it being played.

Finally, my favorite part was definitely Alien Cody's not-so-triumphant return. I actually feel sorry for the little, creepy guy, I know the feeling of getting close to something you've strived for and then having it swooped away all too well. That scene was hilarious.

One last thing, if it's not too much to ask, I've posted a couple of chapters of my story "Total Drama World Tour: The Animator's Cut" and I would love to see your opinion, so I would like to ask if you could review them. Thank you. Anyway, this has been one of the greatest stories I've read on this sight and even though it's not a shipping I usually support, I loved it and I have to thank you for the special mention at the beginning of the chapter, it made me feel special. I hope you keep on writing on this site because there are very few good authors left and you are one of the best.

Gracias Totales,

Mr. Panama Red.
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