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9/17/2014 c17 deni
it was great to read an epic story with this pairing.
I really liked the ending, which fit the characters and situation.
Thanks for posting and finishing the story.
9/15/2014 c18 1zagadka4
and here it is, the finale.
there are many things i'd like to write about your story but i'll try to be concise.
the first thing is CONGRATS for completing it, i mean 4 years is quite an amount of lifetime and sticking with the story for so long may have been difficult at times.
the second is THANKS for sticking and completing and respecting your readers' wish to have a finale.
the third is LOVED this finale! while fully happy endings make me sigh in relief (good thing, they paired and will live happily ever after!) it's undoubted that nostalgic/melancholy (if not tragic) endings are the truly memorable ones. like yours ;)
the word 'guarded' in your title already gave me clue about how things would go, though i thought about a time-turned-back solution, because i didn't see how you'd arrange with the kid otherwise. but you did it otherwise. the parting from the boy was heartbreaking but my breath was really taken away when cara said 'my mind may forget, but my heart will not'... i melted down!
so now it's sad that they've lost all that they built in the past 2 years but an entirely new tale may begin from where you left. i'm not sure that learning about their forgotten love would be helpful for the ladies; it could cast a prejudice on them and spoil what must born naturally and can never be imposed.

despite my intent i've been verbose, so thanks again and i'll read you in some other of your fics!
9/6/2014 c17 Guest
Ahhh, the angst! It killed me. You ripped my heart in two with this chapter, GREATSHOW! Bravo. This fic is a great piece of storytelling and isn't one I'll forget any time soon.

"as their wedding rings disappear"... That broke me as much as their separation from Ryder. Everyone loves a happy ending, but I think it's probably best that you didn't settle for a generic one for this fic.
9/6/2014 c17 Guest
Not how I expected the story to end, and I love being surprised. This was a good surprise, and a fantastically layered ending. Thank you. Great story.
8/25/2014 c16 5supasoph
So...some of you writers tease the readers ttttooooo much.
5/29/2014 c16 1zagadka4
my intention today was writing and then... I FOUND YOUR UPDATE YAYYYYYY!
no writing today for me... my mind too occupied in pondering on your fantastic story.
i devoured it obviously. and i love it obviously.
i wish i was better with words to express how much i like your fic. in a nutshell i give you one word alone: UNLEASHED (just like this site's motto)
that's for me one of the highest compliments. i am a leashed writer, stuck into logic and consequences, explanations and justifications. but fantasy is unleashed and a good writer rides fantasy and courses through valleys of unexpected. like your story does. never expected.

talking about the chapter: there are very intense moments and cara reveals more of her inner being than in every other chapter. such as when she talks about flying and her wish for her family to always yearn for more. great closeness when kahlan (at last) decides to please cara in that peculiar way the blonde was expecting since... don't even remember how many chapters! it sounds definitely more like making love than mere sex. and their following explorations are pretty hot.
"Free yourself of being caught up in your Mord-Sith boundaries, of what is or isn't expected of Mord-Sith. Please... And just be with me." is another great moment of the fic. maybe the greatest and somehow the quintessensce of the love story here.

so now i'll wait for the next update and to see how things will develop now that Richard has reached the paradise... nothing good is in the air, judging on the first trio interaction!
as far as regards me, it doesn't matter how long it will take to you to update. writers here are generous people who gift readers with their intellectual work and that must be done with the ways and the times the author chooses. for me a good story deserves whatever wait. and i hope your RL is leaving you enough room to commit yourself with writing, cos you're terribly talented. it would be a pity otherwise.

THANKS for sharing this amazing story :)
5/28/2014 c16 Guest
Correction to my comment: She last updated the story in December 2013 at LiveJournal, then here in January 2014.
5/28/2014 c16 Guest
Guest, okay, yeah, I considered that you were being polite at the end. But your comment started off on a sour note, in my opinion. For example, you were all like "the writing is the story," like GREATSHOW taking long to update was a story of its own. It seems like you just wanted to blast GREATSHOW for not updating as much as you or others would have liked. Asking if people even remember a story is bound to make the author of that story feel bad, even if a little. And, c'omn, she last updated this story in December. You didn't get an alert then? I mean, why else not sign in to make your comment? That lazy? Why else check back to read the comments and see that someone had replied to you? If you haven't read this update, then either you must not care if you are spoiled by reading the comments ('cause you don't remember much of the story and won't be re-reading it) and/or just want to see if others are going to blast her or comment positively on the update. The story's not even over yet (would be a bunk way to end it). She said she has a part two to this update.

Anyways, sorry for this bickering in your reviews, GREATSHOW. I know that you'd rather have comments about the story.
5/28/2014 c16 guest
What a way to interupt what I utimately stated. I said the reviews suffered frim the lack of updates despute be a good story. I ended by saying, good characters means completing tasks and the author did. Do you not see the emotion symbol? Plz, give the lengthy response or justification a rest...because, four years did pass, I never deleted the alert/fav. Most important, people maybe momentarily shocked upon seeing the alert. I was and that was my intial response. So, let people review and read. You have the same option without trying to decifer what others mean. The story is over and the epic closed with meaning.
5/28/2014 c16 Guest
To the guest who stated "Wtf! Does anyone remember this story?"... Uh, yeah, obviously people remember the story, judging by the reviews. Additionally judging by those reviews, this story has gotten new readers. You speak of the reviews, but they reflect that a lot people love this story. If you are speaking of the number of reviews being lower than you would like, then the reason there clearly aren't hundreds of reviews is because GREATSHOW, after initially updating often, didn't update as often as many other writers. This means that her story was not up on the front page as often for exposure. Plus, she doesn't have as many chapters as a lot of other writers, often choosing to give us more bang for our buck, so to speak, in one update (meaning a big update). But you know what? Unlike the vast majority of those other writers, GREATSHOW stuck with the story and never abandoned it and has now completed it. And that, my bitter guest, speaks of great character. I reiterate "NEW READERS." This story being completed is partly a treasure because any new reader who stumbles onto it can begin reading it knowing that it has an ending, unlike the the vast majority of fanfiction on this damn site. I know I tired of reading a story only to realize that it has no ending and very likely never will have one. Like GREATSHOW mentioned on her LiveJournal account, she was going through a tough time, which is why she didn't and still doesn't update her stories as often as she used to. So the next time you want to blast someone, make sure that the blasting is valid.

And to GREATSHOW... Thank you! This update is wonderful. It's charming, hot, fun, sexy and dramatic. Everything your fans have come to expect of your writing. I laughed out loud at Ryder trying to throw White off the cloud. Thank you.
5/28/2014 c16 Eric
Kahlan and Cara for ever.
5/28/2014 c16 Guest
Wtf! Does anyone remember this story? I guess the story was about the writing but it missed with the updates. Sadly, reviews reflect the situation despite being a good story. Good character means tasks/promises are completed. ;)
5/28/2014 c16 heatwave16
I really want Cara & Kahlan to stay together.
2/28/2014 c1 4t1ny
This is by far my favourite fanfic! Thank you
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