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2/8/2018 c5 Iuvsbruce
Really beautiful! Thank you so much for this story!
4/28/2015 c5 Sallyannerenee
Loved this, very nice pace, I couldn't put it down. It seems you are hinting that Sam will remember eventually, but maybe he will be stronger then? I liked Dean's emotion, considering he just got Sam back from hell I think he would be more fiercely protective, and you did a nice job with that.
8/3/2014 c5 5Frakking Toasters
Loved it. I wish Sam could have been healed like that. Not sure our a Sammy really would have let it go, but he so deserves some peace for a while. xo
2/12/2014 c5 CorbynPool
Loving the protective big brother, but he was a little too emotional for Dean's character in my opinion. Great story, this actually could have happened, I really enjoyed it.

P.S. Can I just say that I am so sorry about your husband. I lost my grandmother to cancer and I know how hard it can be. . .
11/13/2012 c5 Guest
I'm new to all of this and realize this was posted years ago. However, I just wanted to send a small note saying "thank you" for being so strong when it was you that needed some support.
I wish I would have been there to help you through your hard time. Your husband's illness (which I pray is behind you both now) and getting your dream home. I'm in the LONG process of trying to do the same...
Wishing you all the very best and whatever is for your greater good!
Many blessings,
Lori Harris
4/30/2012 c4 Ginnylove9990
Great chapter. This is my 3rd time reading it. Please keep up the great work.
12/8/2011 c1 Ginnylove9990
Yes I am reading it again. I love this story. I pray that you and your Husband are in great health this holiday season.
11/15/2011 c5 Ginnylove9990
Great story. I know I like it.
10/26/2010 c1 doyleshuny
Oh come on! I'm dying to know what's he afraid of? I can see it's been a while but PLEASE update! Excellent job even though you added Lisa and Ben. It's cool. PLEASE UPDATE!
9/23/2010 c5 detroiter marooned in tucson
story was great as usual! i hope everything works out for you and yours... god bless you.
9/10/2010 c5 24Madebyme
What a great ending! You really wrapped this up with style.

I liked how after all the build up, all the mystery and horror it turns out that the Seraphim was after Sam for good reasons not bad, to help heal him. What a great twist to the tale.

Most importantly it was such a joy to see the boys reunited and somewhat healed form their experiences. But I can't help but think that Sam won't be able to leave it be, his mind is always picking things apart. Are you considering a sequel?

Thanks so much for writing and post this especially when you have so much on your plate. I wish you all the best. Take care, Abbi
9/9/2010 c5 8Aceber
I'm a little confused; you said that Sam wouldn't remember about six days ish but you made him forget all of season 5?

Why isn't Dean confused about that? And won't Sam notice that he's missing a year? Especially with all the apocalyptic stuff that happened in that year.

That said, I really do like this story, I hope you keep writing. I will be praying for your husband, and I hope he gets better.
9/3/2010 c5 77sweetysmart0505
Hey, everybody needs support in dire times! I'm sorry I didn't review the last chapters. Computer's been down. But I read them all and I'm sending you a whole Impala full of well-wishes! I really do hope everything works out.

On a side note, this story was awesome. Totally sad but it really rounds everything off very nicely!

Good luck!
9/2/2010 c5 34Sweetheart From Hell
Wonderful, wonderful fic! I'm so glad I found it! Will there possibly be a sequel? It feels like there is more to be told in this story, like will Dean be able to keep Sam from remembering, or realising what's going on? And again, this was a really, really good and well written fic. /Snöfrid
9/1/2010 c5 86supernaturalsammy67

I loved that Sam didn't have to remember! AHH!


Amazing! Just pure creation!

Love aswell when Dean tickled Sam to get him to turn, that was so beautiful!

Expertly written by such a perfect lass!

Beautiful babe! Beautiful! And Shawn's quote- about getting him better and then the dream home and a baby!


AWWWWWWWWWWWW I cried too! It's gonna be good! And you're gonna be a mommy soon! xxxxxxxx
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