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11/19/2016 c7 4sweet sunset rain
cinderella- what, if anything, do you miss about your past lives? what is your favorite part about your current, and which child is your favorite

thx soo much for this story. such a neat the way you tie in things from the songs and your prtrayal of the characters.
5/15/2014 c7 Sarah
Question for the baker : why did you nearly give up on your child ?
5/11/2013 c7 happyguineapig
Dear Baker,
Hi. I wrote to you earlier concerning your first wife. Cindy doesn't know. I'm sorry if I caused any thing between you.

Dear Brina,
I have read a story similar to yours and it doesn't end happy, so I have some questions. What would you do if Chandler married someone else? Would you be angry enough to kill him?
3/29/2013 c7 happyguieneapig
Baker: Did you ever find out about what your wife did almost right before she died? If not, you should ask Cinderella.
2/17/2013 c7 Guest
Dear Cinderella,
What did you mean at the end of the play when you said i wish were you adding on to the beginning of their sentence by saying i wish we'll live happily ever after because you seemed optimistic about how you said it also are you officially divorced to the prince or just in an open marriage. By the way you are my favorite character sorry for the long question :-)
11/22/2011 c7 7zoe alice
These were highly entertaining. I hope to read The Mirror and the Rose eventually. :) In the meantime, I have a question for the Witch.

Dear Witch,

Why were the beans so important to your mother?

Much love,


PS: I envy your hair and your voice. Also, please stop dying in people's interpretations.
6/23/2011 c1 5Searching For Wonderland
Dear Little Red Riding Hood aka Red,

Do you ever feel guilty about killing the wolf? Or have you ever talked to the wolfs mother? Because even I thought you were right when you said "Wolfs are different" to the witch and then she goes saying "Ask a wolfs mother" anyway I thought you were right, I mean he tried to kill you but what are your thoughts do you feel guilty or was it just self-defence?
2/13/2011 c4 4BeccaBaby

Why did you marry Cinderella's father? Weren't there richer wealthier men? And was her mother already dead when you met him?
11/13/2010 c7 10moonyazu9
Dear Cinderella's Prince,

What happened after you left Cinderella for Sleeping Beauty? Did you continue to chase other women behind her back? On that note, what do you think gives you the right to behave in such a way?

- moonyazu9
10/17/2010 c7 6Valeada
Dear Jack,

What Do you say to rumors that your Father Is Bilbo Baggins, and he left you and your mother to go look for a dragon?

Little Red,

I always thought that you brought in a bunch of comedy to the show by bluntly pointing out the obvious. What do you say was the most idiotic thing that another character did during your time with them?

Rapunzel's Prince,

Between the time when you were blinded and when you were re-united with Rapunzel What did you do? were you actually looking for her or did you come upon her completely by chance? if the answer is the later, then what were you doing in the desert?
10/11/2010 c7 46Poppy
Jack was also not always running on all his wheels... haha.
10/11/2010 c3 6Poppy
I like this one haha, he's so proper. This is one of my favorite plays lol
9/6/2010 c3 28CheshireGirl0913
Little Red: No offense, but why do you eat so much? I recall you grabbig a lot of goodies from the Baker at the beginning, so that got me wondering why.
8/29/2010 c7 44susieboo

Why were you so mean to Cinderella all that time? What did she ever do to you?
8/23/2010 c1 susieboo

Did you HAVE to tell the stories the way you did, or could you tell them any way you wanted? If it's the former, is there anything you would've changed?
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