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for Bring Me to Life: A Collection of Memoirs

10/28/2010 c14 2TwinsConspiracy
This chapter was different from the last 13. I liked her internal battle about what she's going to do. I hope in his next 'dream' Draco tries to knock down her door, with all those post-it notes up she'll be scared to death of him finding out lol.

10/27/2010 c14 Nicole0LiveLaughLove0
Dupree? Really? Dupree? You just HAD to use that name?

Well, besides that, I love it! Post more soon!
10/22/2010 c13 TwinsConspiracy
This was an incredibly short chapter! I loved Neville's line! I can't wait for the gossip to reach the teachers! Please update soon!

10/22/2010 c12 TwinsConspiracy
Oh mah gash! That was crazy! I still wonder why they made Draco Head Boy.

10/22/2010 c11 TwinsConspiracy
Wow, I want to smack Hermione and knock some sense into her! But than there would be no story =D I love it! Poor Ron.

10/22/2010 c10 TwinsConspiracy
Oh mah gash! (Yes, I meant to write it like that). I can't wait to read their reactions!

10/22/2010 c9 TwinsConspiracy
Oh wow! He really did almost choke her out! Very intense! Love it!

10/21/2010 c8 TwinsConspiracy
".. more good after she's unpacked" hahaha! What a perv! I loved the knife hidding part!

10/21/2010 c7 TwinsConspiracy
I felt like there wasn't much of Harry's POV in this, I mean his feelings... you know? Probably not lol.

10/21/2010 c6 TwinsConspiracy
Definatly had more emotion to it; more heart. I feel incredably sorry for Ron. I wonder what Hermione's feelings were when she read that?

10/21/2010 c5 TwinsConspiracy
Oh, that explains his dream. I love it! I get the feeling that besides Draco and Hermione, Ginny is going to be in the story most.

10/21/2010 c4 TwinsConspiracy
Oh! What a hot dog! (Yes, hot dog was a swear to me). He was unbelievably cruel! Poor Hermione. Can't wait to read nxt chapter!

10/21/2010 c3 TwinsConspiracy
Your right it is short lol. Can't wait to see her reaction!

10/21/2010 c2 TwinsConspiracy
I knew this was based in a way of my favorite song! (Well, all their songs are my favs) thanks for the definition.

10/21/2010 c1 TwinsConspiracy
Very nice chapter! Very excited for the story!

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