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10/9/2010 c8 3Muffin Mark
Great chapter as always!

Just a bit confused at why it's called "Chapter 98"
10/9/2010 c8 4Dream-Flutist
*Is crying*



Anyways! Awesome chapter, can't wait for the next one.

Minato acts soooo cute in this...
10/9/2010 c8 MugetsuIchigo
great chapter! plz update asap!
10/9/2010 c8 21cibi gaara3
it was kinda confusing but iv been waiting for someone to wright something like this i really liked it i could not find alot of these but i was thinking of writing one then i saw this and i was like this is what i was ganna do lol well diffrent tho lol i really liked it i hope u keep writing and i will keep reading tell it is done
10/9/2010 c8 16ByakuyaxRukiaKuchikifan
love it, update soon Okay :D
10/9/2010 c8 1SilverHaraki
I love this story so much! I absolutely adore it! From chapter 1 to chapter 9 it's just nonstop smiling xD. The plot I must say is nothing I have never read. Though I do think that the Rookie Nine making a Time Jutsu is highly doubtful. Even with Shikamaru in it (especially in such a short time). Though I guess it is to get the plot moving, it's just I can't really see it. Anyway, thank you for all the updations and this story -bows- I greatly anticipate for the next updation ^^
10/9/2010 c8 2InactiveAccountMay27th
Good job, though you made a mistake on the chapter title(98), or is it suppose to be 98?

Good job and update soon!

10/9/2010 c8 24nine-orcids
great chapter, can't wait for the next one!
10/8/2010 c8 12Crystalzap
poor Naruto... :[
10/8/2010 c7 2Sanz0girl
That was a twister and a good one, I think. so please update soon, cause can't wait to read the reactions :)
10/8/2010 c5 Sanz0girl
Yeah, love the surprise that it was Itachi and such a cute scene. :)
10/7/2010 c7 tez-chan
Good job and good luck for next chapter ^^
9/26/2010 c6 52Hokee
AWWWWW this review is for the latest chapter as it saud that i already reviewed and i dont think i did, but ok. PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE SOON! dang cliffhangers! grrrrrrr! I CANT WAIT SO YA PLEASSSSSSSSSSSE UPDATE REALLY SOON! I DONT KNOW IF I CAN HANDLE NOT KNOWING WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN!GRRRRRRRRRR
9/25/2010 c7 4Dream-Flutist



One question- If Naruto was trying to hide the fact that he's from the future, why would he leave the picture out? Wouldn't he have it under a genjustu, at least (even though we all know that Naruto sucks at genjustus...)?
9/25/2010 c7 MugetsuIchigo
great chapter! minato will have a 'talk' with naruto soon...XD! plz update asap!
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