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2/2/2011 c14 Beautiful Dragon Princess
I vote B. i want to know if Naruto kills Sasuke. and what will happen on his birthday, will the fox come or not.
2/2/2011 c14 10hirochick
how about starting a second story for it? new happenings and all or make it a challenge to other writers to do a one shot ending for it.
2/2/2011 c14 Habu2010
2/1/2011 c14 1Natal
I say leave it as it is
1/29/2011 c13 5Here Forever
I enjoyed this story but you might want to consider making it completed in the description as it still says updating.
1/17/2011 c13 21LiveLifeLikeNeverBefore
Best Minato/naruto timetravel fic yet! :P Great work, i envy you. sad that it had to end. Red this in two hours-ALL OF IT!

Luv from a Mutt.
12/31/2010 c5 2Hektols
You never mentioned that it was a Yaoi story, I won't read more.
12/31/2010 c4 Hektols
Why they didn't make more test on him? They should have found that he was Minato and Kushina's son.
12/31/2010 c3 Hektols
Naruto is taking surprisingly well to find himself in the past and seeing his father alive (he knows who are his parents, he called himself Namikaze)
12/31/2010 c2 Hektols
Why Tsunade is in the village and why she doesn't have hemophobia?
12/31/2010 c1 Hektols
Why Naruto got younger? And why the hole in the chest? It means that Sasuke won the jutsu confrontation but it is impossible because the Chidori has no chance against the Fuuton: Rasenshuriken.
12/23/2010 c13 3Muffin Mark
And so it comes to a close. Great way to end this.
12/19/2010 c13 4Foresthunter
12/19/2010 c13 53Hokee
I really liked it! I cant want to see what else you create. the ending was a little confusing and left some questions, but other than that i really loved it!
12/18/2010 c13 JROUouLETd
Awesome final chapter! This was a really awesome story! I hope you continue to write more! ^~^

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