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for Legends Never Die

7/19/2023 c22 Guest
Hello, why you didint finish the story? It was great but probably you wont see this but of you do it, u have to Know this story is love and i'll always wait for the end
3/9/2023 c22 Guest
please finish the story!
8/16/2022 c22 Guest
Please finish the story!
8/5/2022 c7 Venus914
At least Shizune is being written espectfully here. In the anime, it is as if it's Sakura who is 2nd because she is Hokage's Apprentice and as if she is the only one and even the first.
6/14/2022 c22 jiraiya19
continue the fanfic please
5/21/2022 c22 1Roxas2456
You really do have an amazing story here. Any chance you would finish it?
3/20/2022 c22 16ShikamaruNaraKibaNaruChunin
Interesting hopefully u update this. Great fic so far. Idk if I reviewed ur fic or not I mean prequel to this, cause I saw something similar to this a few years back

I read both I like the changes keep up the good work hope u update cause it’s getting interesting
3/2/2022 c22 Guest
Can we please get a new chapter. I'm dying to know what happens next!
10/6/2021 c22 Guest
It’s been soooo long. Can we please get the next chapter? It such a good story.
3/15/2021 c22 Guest
Please finish the story! It’s sooooooooo good!
1/30/2021 c21 1yeaaaahhhh I read
Oh shit. That is one way make a goddamn message. I wish you return to this story now. I'm feeling blueballed
11/6/2020 c22 Guest
You know what just completed the damm story how can you do that how can you leave story in such middle cut short it but complete it . I mean such nice story deserves beautiful ending naruhina please complete it don't leave it please complete whoever you are you cannot do that you should complete it
8/12/2020 c1 Kamhal
noooo wheres an update it was such a great read
7/25/2020 c21 Margaritasc
7/25/2020 c20 Margaritasc
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