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1/27/2014 c20 7SilentSinger948
Excellent chapter. The fights were awesome. I think it's really interesting that Hinata and Shino were the ones to take down Deidara and Flame. Team 8 has their revenge.
Can't wait for the next chapter.
1/26/2014 c20 Dragon0905
How much more is there to this story? Im kinda impatient type. And I've completed what is currently available. hurry up :)
1/12/2014 c16 47Wolvmbm
Such a grand sacrifice worthy of Maito Gai's talents. A truly great update to the storyline.

I have to say I did not see Gia's demise coming, but given the conditions of the fight, it was the only way to save his team of ninjas.

Truly you are a great writer and you tug the emotional heartstrings of the characters very well.

Please do keep up the good work upon such a great storyline like this one.
1/8/2014 c16 RaidenUzumaki14
NOOOOOOOO, GAI-SENSEI... im crying. i love gai. but good chapter.
1/8/2014 c14 RaidenUzumaki14
shino doesnt deserve it if she is dead. i really prefer haku over samui. she is an irrelevant character.
1/7/2014 c20 4Kingkakashi
This has got to be one of the most action-packed chapters I've ever read in a story. And all of it was very detailed, well written, and exciting in how you conveyed all of the fights. I was surprised that you had Flame get killed, simply because I had mentioned in the past I felt you had overpowered him a bit too much. So I was shocked that it wasn't Naruto who took him out, but Shino. Given the huge power discrepancy between those two, a victory by Shino would have appeared improbable. However, kudos to you for explaining the strategy behind Flame's defeat, as that added credibility and believability to his demise. Overall, this was an impressive chapter from you and a great way to kick off the new year. Thanks for the update and take it easy.
1/7/2014 c20 1Jinsokuichi
I just have one concern. Its actually a bit of factual advice. Fire does not use up "air" as you so put it, but rather Oxygen, so while the oxygen is being removed, its actually being replaced by other gases depending on the fuel. Further more, air is made up of much more than just oxygen, about 70% of it is Nitrogen which does not ignite so easily (good thing too, otherwise the atmosphere itself would ignite and immediately burn everything on the planet, no joke). Anyway, the point im making is that in a sealed of environment where a fire is going, while it will eventually use up all the oxygen leaving it a place where no animal can live, there is still air and you can still hear sounds. No vacuums is created. Im not going to go into how fire affects gas pressure because as the dome created by shino is completely enclosed, that would be insignificant to get into.
1/5/2014 c20 Exodia513
That. Was. Epic! The plot was great and i loved the battle sequences.
I just wish you'd be a little more liberal with the spell check button. Aside from that, 10/10!
(Man, it really has been a long time. I need to go back and read their character and outfit descriptions again cuz i COMPLETELY forgot what they look like in this story. Well, that's what i get for reading too many NH fics.)
1/5/2014 c20 24Marchgirl
Such a well thought out battles! Very well done. I was disappointed that Hinata didn't finish Deidara on her own though. She was amazing. Shino's character has filled out nicely I think finding a balance with his practical side and learning how to deal with his emotions. It might have been a wait for this chapter but you did up right. Congrats!
1/4/2014 c20 4761394
great battle update soon please
1/4/2014 c20 seanklovett
Finally! This was a great chapter for your return. Hope to c the next update soon.
1/4/2014 c20 2The Gallant Jiraiya-Sama
Love this story and the prequel. Its been far too long since u updated this story I'm glad to kno it hasn't been discontinued I wanna kno wat happened in the fight
1/3/2014 c20 1mundanebeast
Hmmm wonder if it's a clone or if we see a rescue mission make it in time
1/3/2014 c20 7Spartan Ninja
No Bee no! Thankfully Flame and Deidara are dead now. But now Pein is on the move. Hopefully everyone will be healed in time. I look forward to more frequent updates. Happy New Year!
1/3/2014 c20 8RasenganFin
what we want to know is who IS flame?!
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