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for Legends Never Die

5/28/2017 c22 1hollowfan
Are u going to finish this
5/2/2017 c22 ad77
please be alive
3/24/2017 c11 3lordtoastkage
oh...oh sh*t, Bahmut just hit the RAGE button... he done Fed up
3/1/2017 c22 ad93
are you alive
2/26/2017 c22 oxenthunder
what a time to stop, makes me sad
8/26/2016 c22 ajd
it's good. keep it up
6/13/2016 c22 marquis.shax
I really fucking hope you come back even though I highly doubt it with it's having been almost a year since this chapter came out. I really don't see this going more than another 10 chapters at most unless you really stretch things out in the battle with Obidara, Pein, Madara and the Juubi
6/13/2016 c19 marquis.shax
Why not have Naruto sign the Toad Contract it's not like the dragons are a true summons they're tied to the sword and I'm sure the toads wouldn't have a problem cooperating with the warriors of Kami. Also even if Naruto isn't a toad summoner there's nothing saying they can't teach him how to use senjutsu
2/21/2016 c21 guest
Please don't continue. This story sucks.
1/25/2016 c20 MeanBeanDean
What was the point of introducing Flame? He shows up, slaughters a village, and then dies. It feels like he's just there. Does it connect with the Dragons?
1/17/2016 c22 3MGStarFire
pls continue this story it's been six monts alredy
1/5/2016 c15 g.o.d
Sakura doesn't like Lee, you self-inserting fucktard. Kill yourself, disgusting. pathetic, delusional loser.
10/17/2015 c22 22Shinobi Gatana
You have inspired me to write again. It's been over a month.
10/16/2015 c4 Shinobi Gatana
10/15/2015 c13 HinaLover74
I can't believe it's been years since I've read this story. I'm so sorry for not reviewing earlier, but life has been hectic. It took me a while to remember the events before this chapter! I almost had to re-read Naruto's True Nindo just to understand what was happening again.

I loved how you incorporated Kushina into the story and can't help but wonder if you had that planned lol. Great chapter like always, I can't wait to finish the rest of the story and finally catch up with your story.

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