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7/30/2015 c22 4Kingkakashi
I am bummed about Oonoki's death, but this is a very good chapter. Jiraiya's discovery of the true identities of his former students a part of the Akatsuki was done well. It conveyed the right amount of drama and emotion of the characters involved for the story. I thought the Kage meeting was very well written. However, I do question your choices of who Tsunade's bodyguards were. Shikaku I can understand if she wanted to rely on him during the meeting as an advisor to her. But I felt he should have been balanced out by someone of some serious ninja chops so to speak. Kakashi, probably would have been the best choice for that. I'm not knocking Shibi, but it's difficult to consider him as muscle in a bodyguard role. Especially with the cliffhanger you hit us with at the end. Honestly, in terms of power and skills, I just can't see either Shikaku or Shibi causing any problems with Pein in a fight. Still, you may surprise me, so I do look forward to seeing what happens next? Keep up the great work as always and take it easy.
7/26/2015 c22 24Marchgirl
Sounds like you've been going through a lot but things sound better now, I'm glad. So good chapter :)
I found the Kage meeting to be very interesting. I thought you displayed all of their personalities quite well. And you you're coming towards the end and it looks like all our favorite players will be joining in on the action. Looking forward to it.
7/15/2015 c22 Kwib-Kwib
Sooooo... I have conflicted feelings after reading your works. I really enjoy the plot, as well as the power balance, the relationships, how every change is reasonable and logical. I would have gladly given you a 9/10 IF NOT FOR YOUR LANGUAGE! Seriously you repeat same words too much, I can only read the word "chest" so many times in rapid succession, before I snap. Also, frequent typos don't help either. Man, you need a good beta. As it is the verdict is only 6/10.
P.S. I believed that Flame was Sasuke, saved by Orochimaru till the very end. In my opinion, the potential of this character was not fully revealed.
P.P.S. Naruto truly has balls of pure adamantium, not having done a HOT, KIND, AND PERFECTLY WILLING girlfriend. Dude, he's 17 FOR KAMI'S SAKE! Do you remember yourself at that age? Don't know about you, but three years is DEFINITELY enough time to "be sure"...
7/12/2015 c22 Songwe27
Long time indeed,I'm happy though that the story is continuing...I just hope you won't kill up with the good work
7/6/2015 c22 Guest
Welcome back friend
7/5/2015 c22 Guest
Just happy to have you back! I hope you are doing better, and everything is goin well- or starts going well. Good chapter, as usual. Real LifeStory. Also... sorry about double posting a review. I typed it, didn't go through, logged in and typed it again. Long story short: double reviews!
7/6/2015 c22 cathyscloud9
I enjoyed the chapter! I hope things continue to get better for you. I have been through what you have with losing a job and having to move in with family before. It is definitely stressful.

I look forward to your update!
7/4/2015 c22 Guest
Great to see you back, just made my Fourth of July better. No need to apologize though, you are creating this wonderful story and sharing it with us simply because you want to, and most likely find enjoyment in doing so. Can't wait for the next installment, things are really heating up.
7/6/2015 c22 2MarineWolf1994
Okay first off this is a great sequel you got going so far. With one exception, and due to this exception, and how prevalent it is throughout "Legends Never Die", I cannot in good conscience, give this story anything higher than a 60/100. Your spelling and grammar is absolutely atrocious. It is in fact a blasphemy of the highest degree against proper spelling and grammar. To demonstrate this, I believe I should submit to your perusal, several examples:
1. During the meeting of the 4 kages there is a scene in which you wrote:
"Does anyone have any suggestions on our course of action? It won't be long before a month is up and they decide to move again." Temari said critically. She knew any her brothers knew all too well how powerful the Akatsuki could be and that they obviously didn't care about attacking any of the hidden villages.
"She knew any her brothers knew all too well"? I am assuming you meant to put "She and her brothers knew all to well" instead.

2. In an earlier chapter (I can't remember which one) you had the fight between Kurama and Naruto...it was at the beginning of the second chapter you had the fight in, where you described a "a family reunion" having taken place, between Minato, Kushina, and Naruto. At one point toward the beginning of that chapter you referred to Minato as the Yondamie...it is Yondaime, not Yondamie! That is admittedly a minor error.

But such errors, major and minor, abound through this tale, and when they appear the break the flow of the story, and thus detract from the readers ability to enjoy what would otherwise be a truly excellent story. Fix it. Now. At least for future chapters. This is an excellent story, in terms of the plot, and character development, et cetera. It deserves to be written with spelling and grammar that is just as supreme as the other aspects of this fanfiction. Do that and I certainly can see myself re-scoring this fanfiction, with at least a 87/100, and quite possibly as high as a 95/100, for what it's worth.
7/6/2015 c22 Stian M
This is a good story, but you really don't have to excuse yourself. Losing a job and having to move back in with parents is definitely a good reason to not update for a while. If people are complaining about that then they're just stupid! You may be a writer, but you are also a human being and things like this happen sometimes so don't feel like you should apologise. For all it's worth this is still just a story, albeit a pretty good one, and if people think that updating on a regular basis is more important than your life then they are just wrong.

Hope things have worked out and good luck with the writing. Updating regularly is good, but don't take it too seriously ;)
7/6/2015 c22 9Rictor Yagami
I'm sorry I didn't review this yet as I was reading over it again, and I just want to say this chapter was awesome! It has been a while since I saw an update from you and I am happy to know you are still around. I'm sorry that you lost your job but I hope you will find a new one soon and I hope it will be a lot better. Heck I hope you get lucky on the lotto if you try your hand at it.

Anyway Haku is now awake which is good news as I know both Mei and Zabuza will be happy to know she is back, though Haku is going to be pissed when she learns about the fight between Team 8 and what happen with Gai. It sucks that Iwagakure is no more as I honestly wish it was Kumogakure. Also A sounded like a broken record in this chapter and while Killer B is dead I honestly don't find myself upset with it as I'm not much of a fan of him. Sorry it's how I feel.

Jiraiya now knows about Konan being in the Akatsuki which has greatly upset him since he didn't want to believe it. Now he feels guilty about what happen and I hope he will live through this. Same with Tsunade and after hearing from Kakashi and the others about what happen she has good reason to be scared since Pein defeated Hanzo, someone she, Jiraiya and Orochimaru couldn't beat years ago in their prime.

Hinata's vision has got me worried and I hope she is able to help Naruto avoid that dark outcome. I hope Naruto is able to control his new power soon as he only has one month to get ready against the Akatsuki. But now there is more trouble as Tsunade, Shikaku and Shibi run into Pein and Tobi. Can't say I believe this talk will end well for ether side.

Also have you read the manga along with the Naruto Gaiden one? Honestly I hated how the manga ended as Sasuke got off to easily and Ino being paired with Sai was dump. But the most stupid pairing ever and this was forced in my view was Choji and Karui which was just some lame ass joke by Kishimoto's stupid ass! And the most insulting thing was Anko got fat! That's bull shit! Also Orochimaru and Kabuto are still walking around freely which is even bigger bull shit! Kishimoto has just ruined a great serious. Sorry just wanted to let you know how I felt about it.

Anyway this story is awesome and I hope to see the next update soon.

Good Luck Kyuubi123.
7/4/2015 c22 9Dragon Man 180
My only complaint is we barely see Naruto this chapter, but at least he's training with Kurama to grow stronger. I'm glad Haku is up and I hope Shino joins her soon. But can Tsunade, Shikaku, and Shibi escape Pein and Konan is my main worry.
7/4/2015 c22 9Fester0662
Heya Kyu...been forever. In fact it's been so long I will have to reread your story to catch up. A good chapter, leading to something possibly ugly next chapter. Hopefully the brown smelly stuff won't hit the rotary cooling device next chapter. Welcome back.

7/4/2015 c22 5Rose Tiger
Welcome back! I missed you. Keep it up.
7/4/2015 c22 88KaliAnn
Welcome back. Ah I really did enjoy the way you wrote that meeting. It takes skill to figure out all the possibilities and what they need to do next. Jiraya was lucky to get out alive. I wonder what Pein wants to talk about.
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