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for A Plan Gone Bad

8/20/2018 c1 mmmdixie
I like it... No matter who would have died, Stockwell would be in grave dagner and Murdock would blame Decker for the individual's death. He was their best frienemy. Decker could always catch up to the A-team but obviously let them go, face it, you don't know Smith that long with out knowing how he thinks. Yes Decker was not their enemy and not their best friend he was their Frienemy. Decker probably want's to know if Face is dead where are the others and Who would die by Smith's hands.
3/20/2010 c1 24Aimless
I just started watching ATeam reruns on a new cable TV channel so I decided to check out some fanfic. I loved this story! Just the other day I was daydreaming about what might have happened if Frankie hadn't exchanged all the bullets and Face was actually shot. I kept getting caught on the idea that he'd die (why would one of the executioners miss) but kept trying to find a way around it. I enjoyed this tidbit even though it was a death fic. I'm going to go search for the sequel.

Thanks for sharing.
8/21/2009 c1 Long Live BRUCAS
Ahh your killing me here another sad fic with face dying.

Poor Murdock. He lost his best friend. I hope he doesnt break down compelety. The team still need him.
10/16/2005 c1 KissMyAft



i read your ninja turtle story "Brother To Brother" & immediately fell in love with it...I SINCERELY NEED TO KNOW what happens to Leo, Don, Mikey, & Raph[but especially Mikey]

if u r having 'writer's block' & need help to keep on writing "BTB" just e-mail me at & tell me so & i'll be glad to help u write future chaps to "BTB"

WILL U PLEASE SEND ME your e-mail address ASAP so i can talk to u about your stories,!PLEASE!,

this is too good of a ninja turtle story to be left forgotten somewheres on an old & lonely shelf gathering only dust & cobwebs
3/12/2003 c1 MG
Sometimes your heart just goes out to poor MURDOCK. AND NOW HE HAS LOST FACEY. I just hope this does not completely push him over the edge. I am afraid it will but, I still hope it doesn't. POOR MURDOCK IS UNSTABLE ENOUGH, without this happening. I just hope STOCKWELL does not try to question MURDOCK. It will be just like him to try something like that. I can't see him leaving this alone. Especially after he heard MURDOCK sreaming FACEY'S name and after he himself was accused by MURDOCK of killing FACEY. MURDOCK will not be in any shape to answer any questions from him about this. I hope MURDOCK'S doctor keeps STOCWELL away from him. AND KEEPS HIM AWAY FOREVER. LOVED THE STORY!
3/10/2003 c1 35The Confused One
OMG! *wants to cry* This is SO sad! So good but so sad! Having any of the Team die is just SO sad! Good idea and VERY well written but SO sad! LOL Though I could totally see it happening similarly to this. It just somehow makes sense that they would all be totally in shambles if something were to happen to ANY of them. *holds back tears* VERY good fic.
1/26/2002 c1 TorturedSoul too lazy to sign in
That was really well-written, but noooo! Not Face! *sob* Great fic idea, though.
10/30/2000 c1 Murdy007
I loved the story!

I know FAce dies but it is so sweet, I love the way you put so much emotion into Murdock and FAe's relationship.
10/25/2000 c1 megan
OH! HOW sweet, I love the stories that show emotion around Face and Murdock!

Great Idea! Great Job!
10/11/2000 c1 wouldnt you like to know
that was a bad idea im sorry but it was because face is the best guy on the a-team im not so sure i want to read when its continued. i have to say it was well written though
9/30/2000 c1 The Facebabe Beach Monkee
MY FACE! (Well, everyone who loves Faces's Face, but still...) NOOOOOOOO!

It was good though. I actualy was thinking of how it would be if one or all three of the guys had died. (It really doesn't help to watch the episodes out of order...) But This was really good. I felt so bad for Murdock! But this was still good! Very touching.

9/27/2000 c1 Facegirl

But hey, it was pretty good story. Nice job. BUT WHY FACE!
9/26/2000 c1 H.M
Oh, wow. I just watched the court-martial episodes recently, and I thought they were so good. I'm glad the guys were really ok, but if something had gone wrong, it would have gone exactly like this. No, Faceman, come back. *weep* I can't wait to read the rest.
8/26/2000 c1 L.A. Whitfield
Cool, never thought about what it would have been like had the plan failed. Looking forward to reading the next part!

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