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6/20/2014 c1 wordyma
More! Expand! Money shot : )!
12/19/2012 c1 BlueCat69
I don’t know how I have missed this! As with the other stories of yours you create the most fascinating Edward and Jasper (not to mention the co-players in the story) – so interesting in fact, that I wish you would write some more. Oh, and this Edward and Jasper… they are the same as the ones from Tell Me True, right?
Thank you so much for sharing.
9/1/2011 c1 dr3
I've read the next chapter "Tell Me True" and all I gotta say (along with all your fans & would-be fans} is *Please* turn this into a full-fledged story it's sexily simmering and soon will be rockin-hot when our boys get to lovin on each other. I discovered your gem of a story after signing up for J & E slash (community} alerts. Once readers lock on to your work the number of story reviews will be off the charts. You're an amazing writer- can't wait for more angst & romance. Oh, and P.S. I am not a Bella fan. She should find a new lover like a Jacob while she's in rehab and leave Jasper's Edward alone. :G ..Our boys are always sexy hot when they are all vulnerable and wanting... Write-On. You are definitely one of my newest *favorite* authors. :p ~Sending You Much Love...~dr3
6/29/2011 c1 missysaaa.crystal
Loved it! :)

6/28/2011 c1 rory
great fic but needs an update pretty please :)
5/31/2011 c1 deenerneener
What a fascinating and novel one-shot! You managed to convey the complexity of these characters' interconnections and motivations concisely and with exquisite subtlety.

I loved Jasper's simultaneous self-congratulation and dismay that he had found a seemingly perfect "girlfriend", with whom he would be able to spend acceptable social time without the necessity to become more deeply intimate for at least a year and a half. Being inside his thoughts allowed us to see the extent to which he was aware of his true sexuality as well as the extent to which he was, as yet, unwilling for others to know about it.

Given what we learned about his family background, we can hardly blame him.

Edward's feint to unveil Jasper's real objective (and nature) was both clever and titillating. It was almost possible to conclude that Edward had no actual interest in Jasper (or in boys in general), despite the kisses, touches, and hip thrusts, but for the line, "You might want to take a page from my fucked-up relationship with Bella, and how great that turned out for both of us." Perhaps I'm reading too much into it (or misinterpreting entirely), but to me this showed that Edward was, practically if imperceptibly, recommending that Jasper come to terms with being gay. Whereas I'd begun to think Edward was just toying with him, I ultimately concluded that Edward was, in fact, attracted to the blond Jasper Swan; that, perhaps, his anger was not just indignation on his sister's account, but also a way of telling Jasper, hey, step out of denial so we can have a shot at something together.

I would love to know more about this incarnation of Jasper and Edward. Even so, I respect your obvious decision to leave this a single-chaptered story. Of course, this way, I can extrapolate any way I want.

Thank you for submitting an entry to this contest; for posting a piece here in Ffn. The thoughts and opinions you shared in your profile deepened the admiration I'd felt when I read your review of the last chapter of Since, and reading some of your own fiction here only impressed me more.

(I was happy to see that you also specifically recommended three of my all-time favorite stories, which have in common unique interpretations of the characters as well as delicious and, at times, utterly heart-wrenching prose.)

All the best. It would be lovely to read more from you!
3/6/2011 c1 DarkOneBL
Wow! your story was great...any plans to continue with it? I'd love to see more between Edward and Jasper after the incident in the bedroom.
1/10/2011 c1 11SamieJamesBait
hi, great fic! I was wondering if you were going to continue? I hope so.
10/3/2010 c1 7Nisa Cullen
great start i look forward to whats next.
9/27/2010 c1 bloodwritesfic
You're extending this, right? God I hope so. I loved almost everything about this. About the only thing I didn't love was the line from the book? About love and lust not keeping the right company. Pet peeve of mine in fanfic, particularly when it doesn't really fit the surrounding text. I think if you want to do it there has to have been no other way of saying what you want to say. If that makes any sense.

I love your Edward (I have a soft spot for stronger Edwards, it's so rare in twislash) and I'm really enjoying the setting and the familial connections you've used. Looking forward to more!
9/24/2010 c1 ClancyJane
i hope you will continue with this... I'm intrigued : )
9/20/2010 c1 butterflybabe23
Very good. Great story! Update quickly! :D
8/28/2010 c1 laverett
I sure am hoping that you are going to continue this story!
8/24/2010 c1 Lisa-FanFicCrazy
Are you going to continue? It certainly seems you must! LOL
8/23/2010 c1 2Purple Tulips
I thought that this was well written but I wish there had been more (I think that is just the perv in me though!) Good luck in the contest.
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