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6/12 c45 21Duchess67
Ha! Crouch Junior finally screwed up where somebody noticed! Good!
6/12 c41 Duchess67
I'm so glad Minerva didn't try to force Harry to go to the ball. Ivan is in serious trouble. How long will it take for him to figure that out?
6/9 c33 Duchess67
Awwww, a present from his dead parents. *sniffle*. I hope it helps him kick Voldie's butt!

Okay, the nifty thing with the holster? That's gonna come in handy in the graveyard, right?
6/9 c32 Duchess67
You do realize that absolutely NONE of Harry's familiars even exists anymore at this point in the story? You've left them out of Harry's ENTIRE THIRD YEAR. I feel cheated because I was certain that at least the Phoenix would have some effect to help Harry against the Dementors. I thought the shadow wolf would maybe be able to physically help. Heck, I thought Iris would be old enough by the time of that last attack to use her killer gaze on the things, maybe. I'm so disappointed on this score. :(

As for Harry's patronus being a lioness? Wowsers! And the fact that Harry can kill Dementors with fire? *cackling like mad*

I KNEW that kitty was Bella! LOL
6/9 c31 Duchess67
Ohhhhh, was BELLATRIX the one being kept insane? If she's a kitty, can she stay sane? Are ANY cats sane?

And if that bunny is lol eared and pulls a switchblade at some point, I am going to cackle my head off.
6/9 c29 Duchess67
Is Neko actually Bellatrix?

I'm guessing those potions were to keep Neville's parents down and out. Am I right?
6/9 c28 Duchess67
Oh my gosh, this is a creative writing experiment?! Honey, you rock!

Now I'm curious as to why ALL of Harry's familiars are absolutely useless against Dementors. Is, I guess I can see. Where was Hedwig? Why did Leon not even back up his wizard with so much as a growl? I will completely understand if you forgot you had the shadow wolf in the compartment, you are working with quite the large cast of characters here.
6/8 c26 Duchess67
Oooooooh, I LIKE the shadow wolf! How long has it lived? The implications from that conversation are interesting to say the least. What's his name?
6/8 c20 Duchess67
*snickering* Hermione will come unhinged at the very THOUGHT of that library, won't she? Please don't let them have a falling out so that she never gets to see it? She can learn, she's not Ron, for heaven's sake.

Oh and Harry was wrong earlier when he refused to forgive Hermione. Forgetting her transgressions benefits Hermione, forgiveness benefits Harry. Refusing to forgive is equal to holding a grudge and holding grudges has been scientifically proven to cause actual physical damage to the human body. So I really hope Harry can let go of that unforgiving attitude, for his own sake.
6/7 c13 Duchess67
I'm so glad Harry didn't lose it over the letter, and that Hedwig was there for him while he read it. It's darling that she's a phoenix! I have a story in progress in which Harry is going to have more than one familiar. It's two so far with a third in the works. LOL

Hermione is really not going to like Neville knowing things she doesn't, but I hope she doesn't alienate the boys over it!
6/7 c11 Duchess67
That wand really does sound interesting. And I'm glad it wasn't just me, Alistair seemed impressed with Harry's defenses, too. LOL

Harry getting emotional over Padfoot was heartbreaking, to be perfectly honest. The fact he's trying NOT to remember being loved by his parents is devastating and makes me want to rip Dumbledore's beard out in small clumps before I break his kneecaps with a baseball bat!
6/7 c10 Duchess67
Logic shaped object is an amazing and perfect way to describe something. I love it!

Wow, Harry's mental defenses sound quite extraordinary!
5/28 c47 wandamarie
thank you
5/28 c46 wandamarie
thank you for the story so far
5/28 c45 wandamarie
thank you
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