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12/2 c3 3DarkSwanQueen777
Severus Tobias Snape
8/22 c3 Lucifer
That has to be the biggest baddest slap of infinity for Dumbledore, I actually feel sorry for the guy.
6/13 c29 Cindy Reilly
I must say for someone who has never did any serious writing before, you have done a fantastic job, please keep up the amazing work, I do look forward to reading more of your works, who knows maybe someday, you'll be as famous as J.K. Rowling.
6/13 c27 Cindy Reilly
As far as Richard Dean Anderson goes, I think he's awesome too, I liked him MacGyver, that's where I learned all about this incredible individual, I wish I could meet him, that would make my millennium. This story is also awesome, you are doing a fantastic job on it, I look forward to reading more of your works.
6/11 c47 DANTE77
Hola. Me gusta esta historia. ¿Vas a continuarla/terminarla? ¿ Habrá segunda parte?
4/29 c14 1Johnmau
Overreaction. What the thuck? Chill the thuck out. Thucking Disgusting.
4/29 c8 Johnmau
whenever there's dialogue with Neville and Hermione, there's likely a mention of him keeping secrets. if there was dialogue of anything other than him having secrets, like maybe dialogue about each other, just hitting to know one another, then it wouldn't have been so... glaring.
4/29 c8 Johnmau
mentions of him having secrets he doesn't wish to divulge immediately is too many in one chapter that I find it difficult to digest.
4/2 c19 FallingThroughStardust
Even though it's probably Hagrid, I really wanted to say Aberforth.
1/16 c1 Raymond
Thank you for not putting the song in I've read so many of these fics with that stupid song it makes me so k and it's just filler anyway and takes half a page
12/29/2022 c29 Spartan-A312
Harry's cat is Bellatrix, isn't it?
12/6/2022 c13 Ltbutterfly287
You do realize Harrys home conditions are pretty normal for the times of the founders right. I fail to see why they would create a fail safe for abused kids when to them it would have been viewed as extreme parenting.
6/12/2022 c45 21Duchess67
Ha! Crouch Junior finally screwed up where somebody noticed! Good!
6/12/2022 c41 Duchess67
I'm so glad Minerva didn't try to force Harry to go to the ball. Ivan is in serious trouble. How long will it take for him to figure that out?
6/9/2022 c33 Duchess67
Awwww, a present from his dead parents. *sniffle*. I hope it helps him kick Voldie's butt!

Okay, the nifty thing with the holster? That's gonna come in handy in the graveyard, right?
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