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for A Girl Named Allison

7/19/2018 c4 Guest
Please, please, please do a Vinny and Cameron story.
Best wishes, and thank you for the Secret Diary.
3/21/2013 c1 Blowjob O'Toole
Dude, the fuck? I'm not sure you grasped the whole "writing" concept. your syntax was cock and your supposed imagination was balls. Lord, I didn't even read this.
9/11/2010 c4 5KevinInEngland
You have to get over her, yes Sav's response. Good one that, funny how these things come to you. I believe reading and writing fanfiction improves the mind a lot, seriously I really do.

I believe there are probably people like Vinny, can have Savannah and then leave her without even caring. How ungrateful is that? Gee man, a good kick up the wotsit for you. (Alright, I don't know much about her grown up looks but she certainly has it going for her, not just you know what but whatever her existence with CW can give her.

You have some great words and americanisms thrown in there - very impressive.

Great stuff - I hope I get to be notified when your next story comes out.
9/7/2010 c4 PSG1JOHN
wish there was more chapters with Allison, i liked how you made her out to be, before time jumping. The Allison person is how i picture her out to be from the show.
9/6/2010 c4 Average Joe

Oh goodie on two counts. First, good story, as usual. I never thought about it, but a scrappy, highly motivated thief like Savage would be useful to Serenity's crew. Second, loved the Diary story. Looking forward to more of it :)

9/6/2010 c4 farmageddon
Very good story , enjoyed... ( actually it is and I did.)

erm did you say more secret diary,

is that like THE Secret Diary Of Cameron B,

and you are writing some more ?


Don't mind me just got a little ADH at the moment
9/6/2010 c4 EvilTheLast
Great chapter. I never saw this coming. But a car battery powering a time machine? More Cameron Diaries? Yaaa!
9/5/2010 c4 TK-MR

Nice work!
9/5/2010 c4 24olischulu
A little short.

Allison has to die. John has to let her die so Cameron can be build.

A little bit cruel. I don't think John Connor will do this to Allison. He would find another way.
9/5/2010 c4 badkidoh
Yet another really great chapter. I'm looking forward to A Spaceship Named Serenity.

I wonder if Weaver possible went to get Allison herself after Sky-net finished making Cameron but right before Cameron kills Allison?
9/5/2010 c4 Smierc
Poor Allison, again.

Well, that story took a direction I wouldn't have expected.

Seems there is hardly any power required to use a time machine here. Despite that, I liked this chapter.
9/5/2010 c4 5meanoldmoe
Hey P,

Interesting ending to Vinny and his adventure.

So it seems John knew about Allison and was going to let her be killed and replaced...could make for an interesting story too.

Vinny on Serenity?...omg.

Will be quite interesting to see.

Seems River2027 is doing something with a crossover between Firefly and TSCC too.

Is this a trend now?

I'm glad you are going to do more of Cameron's diary, I really enjoyed its twists and turns...but more Jameron is needed !

9/5/2010 c4 1Nyrki
Wow. Quite an unexpected course of events.

I think I can imagine what's at stake in this game between JC and CW. She's probably trying to save her kind.

JC stopped CW action, only to allow AY to be captured and I assume, Cameron's creation. It's interesting to have an external view of JC's actions, which appear to be cold blood. You didn't fail to notice the irony of the situation: machine wanting human alive while human wants her dead.

But Vinny left all that and wanted to reach his love, River. And he finally found a way to do it. I liked the strong emotions of the story: Savannah's tears and Vinny's desperate action.

I'm eager to see what's next in the future for Vinny, but I don't think that the things in his time are finished either. Or are they?
9/5/2010 c4 9uncommoner
"River takes my hand and we turn and face the others.

"This is Vincent," she announces simply. "He's my friend. He's good at stealing things that aren't his."


Well, that is just out and out charming, delightful.

I get the feeling you've very much not finished this line, all sorts of plots left hanging.

Fine work, just what we need after reading a few of the darker souls here.

Thank you.

9/3/2010 c3 5KevinInEngland
Savannah is no doubt very sensible, although in this story she is older and not in full control of her lower bits - I never imagined her like that but I guess these things happen - I know of one instance, mother too protective etc. and CW doesn't give a damn, so SW does what she likes. Yet, that being said, CW would not trust Vinny Savage under most circumstances, doesn't she worry at all about her adopted daughter Savannah whoring herself? Still, what can anybody anywhere do? (Apart from CW of course, she could quietly rip VS to shreds).

(I know many of us are intrigued to know what the real Mackenzie Brooke Smith is going to look like when she gets older).

Even for Savannah, shining a torch-like device has it's risks, even if Mommy has demonstrated it a few times. Still, what choice does she have?

I'm looking forward to know what CW wants AY for, hopefully not VS's new sex toy to entice him away from SW!
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