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for Finally Someone On My Side

8/12/2019 c8 2Meganp
This was sooo good! I’m a total Annie/Auggie shipper. And chance you’ll finish this one? Following it anyway!
8/26/2018 c8 HisSecretLover18
I hope you find your way back to this story. It's a good story
5/4/2017 c8 Wildelf72
Ok what happened?
2/5/2017 c8 152cinderella9056
love the story ever since you first started publishing it
great update but I'm greedy I want more
so please update soon
6/25/2016 c8 NoCaffein
Just happened upon this lovely piece and I LOVE it!
Even though there is an undercurrent of sadness with regard to the relationships between Auggie and his family, this is quick and witty and sometimes hilarious.
Auggie shuts down the stupidity in a fun way.
Please come back soon.
Auggie's mind is sharp and he doesn't forget anything. It might take him a minute but he will eventually remember where he knows this guy from.
6/25/2016 c8 12Covert Affairs Intelligence
This is so good! I love the story all
The a elects if it make it great! And I'm hoping Annie will catch on to the bad vibe with auggie. And I'm kinda also hoping that they will get a little more "together". Please update soon.
6/16/2015 c9 Guest
oh my god just when the good stuff starts happening, iim cut off. Please update soon, really good story, I think you have created really good relationships with ague and his family, I think it, for lack of a better word, explains why Auggie acts certain ways sometimes. I hope to read ore soon
7/13/2014 c9 1MLM24
I love this! Please continue this!
7/6/2014 c9 Angel Delight 88
Really good story, but may I suggest longer chapters?
8/27/2013 c9 SG
please , give more romance xD
8/22/2013 c9 Ellie
Please do more!
5/24/2013 c9 raye
Please finish
3/23/2013 c9 Guest
Pleeeaaseeee continue
2/2/2013 c5 HisSecretLover18
Will you please update? It's a great story and I would love to see it continued.
11/15/2012 c9 Luv2Live
Any chance of an update soon?
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